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1755Re: [Asatru-U] Re: Teaching gods

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  • Karl Donaldsson
    Jun 2, 2002
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      > On Fri, 24 May 2002, svalich wrote:
      > > I suppose the "yes" was unclear; I meant to say that there should be
      > > some spiritual level in the intermediate course, but I don't really
      > > agree with the specific idea of being a friend to a given diety.
      > Explain this more, please. Don't believe in it? Don't approve of it? Don't
      > think it is desirable? Don't think we should cover it in the course?

      Sorry, Manny, it seems the more I speak, the less I say. ;-)

      I don't think it is essential to an understanding of one's own spirituality
      to connect with any deity in particular. Yes, it's possible, and even
      likely, but I don't believe it should be "required" for a person to have
      such contact to go through the intermediate course.

      However, we should certainly encourage some spiritual contact with
      pseudo-intangible beings, whether wights, gods, etc. through whatever means
      is necessary or likely. It should not be considered that one is somehow
      "not getting it" if they do not, but they should certainly be able to
      realize that there are, indeed, powers at work beyond the realm of our five

      I approve most highly that people seek such contact on their own, and it
      would certainly be instrumental in the acquisition of spiritual "knowledge"
      for the intermediate course, but I speak as one who believes that our gods
      are real, physical, tangible beings. Without getting too much into my own
      views, we know about things like atoms, where we never knew about them
      before. We know about quarks where we did not know of them before. I
      believe it is possible to develop senses to achieve such perceptions.
      Certainly at some point in any mind-altering experience (specifically, I
      recommend hallucinogens), one asks the question -- am I chemically tricking
      my brain into seeing things which are not there; or am I finally seeing
      things as they are for the first time? A similar question will be asked by
      any adherent to a religion, where they are interested in investing time and
      effort for some sort of reward (whether spiritual or otherwise) from said

      At some point, a follower of Asatru will ask how to get in touch with the
      gods or weights, and it should be somewhat explainable, and this should be
      present in the intermediate course, as I feel it necessary that an
      individual have such surreal experience to truly recognize what lies before

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