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1416Re: [Asatru-U] Re: publicity

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  • Karl Donaldsson
    Sep 5, 2001
      >From: "Kadlin Waltheofsdottir" <kadlinw@...>

      >Karl Donaldsson wrote:
      > > >fashion, i.e. "Smoke dope for Satan? Follow this link!")
      > >
      > > Bloody fucking Hel. You people have _no_ sense of humor. ;-)
      >Hey, the line was inspired by a Penn & Teller video . . . The one
      >where it looks like you are playing a recording of a tele-evangelist
      >backward & the backward masking says "Smooooke dope for Satan! I
      >snort the nose, Lucifer!" Still makes me smile to think of it.

      Never saw that one! I _love_ P&T, I suppose they don't actually rent them
      out, do they?

      > > How's this:
      > > ===============================================
      > > ------> Would you know more, or what? <------
      > > Get Asatru education at http://www.asatru-u.org
      > > ===============================================
      >I think it's wonderful! May the rest of us copy you?

      Yes, but only the words. My lack of fashion sense, as both an engineer and
      a Midwesterner, is _not_ to be copied. For your own safety.

      Anyway, glad you like, trying to use the whole theme that you/Groa/Manny/
      whoever came up with, and the correct translation. I left the specific
      translation info and such off because I'm a really sloppy researcher, and I
      look forward to ways in which I can leave some indelible mark as though it
      were my own idea. A veritable literary festering boil, interested in trying
      to keep his .sig as short as it possibly can be. ;-)

      '/\` Frith upon your house
      //\\ Karl Donaldsson
      \\// mekboy@...
      `\/' http://i.am/mekboy
      Member of the Kindred of Ravenswood
      Zionsville, Indiana USA
      To Vali! To Vengeance! To Honor! To Kin!
      ------> Would you know more, or what? <------
      Get Asatru education at http://www.asatru-u.org

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