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1052Re: [Asatru-U] Back on Track w/ #500, was Re: Staff Meeting

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  • Manny Olds
    Apr 20, 2001
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      On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Kadlin Waltheofsdottir wrote:

      > My preference is that it should have many more things to *do* than the
      > beginner's course has.

      That was part of our original plan, an "Activity" for each lesson. We had
      also conceived of it for small study groups with someone acting as a
      "study leader"--to coordinate them and keep things moving.

      And I think that some overlap back into the material covered in the
      Beginner's course would be desirable. Some people will skip the
      Beginner's. Some people will do it, but not pick up on everything. And if
      the Intermediate is a group activity, review will give them a chance to
      discuss what they had done individually: to improve their individual
      understanding and also to help them develop a group sense of what they are

      Manny Olds (oldsma@...) of Riverdale Park, Maryland, USA

      No one ought to be completely serious *all* the time. It leads to
      constipation and headaches.
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