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1046Re: [Asatru-U] Back on Track w/ #500, was Re: Staff Meeting

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  • Ann Sheffield
    Apr 20, 2001
      My initial perception is that the Beginner's course goes farther than we
      originally imagined it would and that some of the Intermediate material
      has consequently become redundant.

      Tangential query - do we have a list of Required Texts for the
      Intermediate course at this point? (Kadlin's got me dead to rights, I
      hate searching list archives and hope that some more-organized person
      has the info. ready to hand.) And, are we proceeding on the assumption
      that Intermediate students do not necessarily have Internet or ILL
      access, and that the texts should therefore be books in print? I ask
      because, in my own classes, the books I assign have some influence on
      the order and emphasis of the course. IIRC, we didn't include Dubois'
      recent book on Viking Age religion before, and I think we might want to
      consider adding it.


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