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    ABOUT THE FOUR ASHRAMS (Part - VII) Garhasthya Ashram (iv) (The Family Life) The Mutual Responsibility of the State and People A tremendous trend of demands
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2007

      Garhasthya Ashram (iv)
      (The Family Life)

      The Mutual Responsibility of the State and People

      A tremendous trend of demands and agitations has started all
      over the world. As if there is not the least vestige of contentment
      anywhere. This state of things is anything but normal. But it is to
      be admitted that as a man who indulges in demands and agitational
      moves without paying any attention to his duties deserves
      condemnation, so also an employee who does not care to fulfill the
      existential needs of the employees despite their dutifulness and
      efficiency does merit equal castigation. Now-a-days many affairs and
      concerns have been nationalized. It cannot be justified that the
      leaders and administrators of a state should not be penalized if
      most of the people meet with frustration despite their best efforts
      for life and growth. So there should be a simultaneous drive for
      both self-reformation and resistance to evil. Otherwise, due to the
      difficulties caused by a perverted atmosphere prevailing in the
      country, the householders will be compelled to have recourse to
      dishonest and anti-social means for the sake of maintaining their
      family. So there is no way out if Dharma is not rehabilitated. What
      are needed are bands of householders imbued with ideals of Dharma.
      Along with them we badly require bands of similarly imbued
      political, social and educational leaders.

      Our Duty with Regard to Maintaining Existence

      The chief requirement of man is self-protection or protection of
      existence. But it does not depend on the unaided effort of single
      individual. What is essential for it is the presence of an
      existential relationship among the people of a country and different
      countries of the world, and a proper spiritual, moral,cultural,
      traditional, political, social, economic and educational atmosphere
      prevailing everywhere. If this foundation is there, the honest
      endeavour of an individual for maintaining himself and his near and
      dear ones may meet with success. So the householders cannot afford
      to remain indifferent to the trend and actual conditions obtaining
      in the larger environment. They will have to be consciously
      responsible for everything. If we indulge in aversion towards life,
      no concern for the world and realities of life, self-centeredness,
      immobility and narrowness of consciousness, slackness and mental
      blindness etc., we have to pay for the same very dearly. Our very
      existence is shattered if we ignore and violate law. Nature never
      pardons our ignorance, weakness and inefficiency. To live
      successfully we need vast knowledge, all-round farsightedness,
      insight and comprehensive preparedness. The Ideal is the sole
      custodian of unerring knowledge. When we accept the Ideal and become
      habituated to viewing everything relating to life and the world from
      the stand point of the Ideal, just thereafter our discernment and
      perception start acting correctly. And as citizens of the world-
      society a dependable foundation for our life is built when
      we become determined to save all on the basis of existential
      consolidation,loving service, loving harmony and loving integration—
      keeping our evil-resisting valour ablaze and agile. It is an offence
      to allow the existence, existential interest and right of self and
      others to be jeopardized. If any world organization, political or
      social structure indulges in so-doing, instead of yielding to it,
      shall have to strive to change it in a proper way. No house-holder
      should forget that his obligations to live and grow with his family
      and environment with a sense of security and well-being, is
      inseparably connected with such a world-embracing onerous
      responsibility. For this should by all means nurture the
      organization, dedicated to the concentric service of the
      world. To try to save the organization that contributes to the life
      and growth of all is an inseparable part of self-preservation.

      (to be continued... ....)
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