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    ABOUT VARNASHRAM (Part - V) The Aspiration of Man If the public opinion of the world is ascertained it will be found that most people do not like to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2007

      The Aspiration of Man

      If the public opinion of the world is ascertained it will be
      found that most people do not like to relinquish their individual
      liberty and they seek neither to exploit others nor to be exploited
      by them. Moreover they do not relish the idea of leading a
      purposeless life like so many beasts. They want to pass their family
      and happiness and well-being along with their family and environment
      earning an honest living according to their efficiency, maintaining
      peace of mind, social harmony and a balanced go of life. But due to
      the pressure of the environment people are compelled to behave in an
      undesirable way out of an obsession with meeting immediate needs for
      the sake of surviving in the struggle for existence. Of course there
      are people who indulge in doing wrong due to their inherent
      perverted nature. Anyway, the existential healthy desire of man can
      be most effectively fulfilled by the society and the state through
      the judicious introduction of a Varnashramic pattern of life.

      Varna-system is Effective Everywhere

      There is no question of community or country in this regard.
      Wherever there is man, he has an inborn instinct. It is also an
      admitted fact that there are many people with similar inborn
      instincts. Classification of men and selection of their occupation
      in accordance with their inborn hereditary instincts are not against
      the dictates of nature and science. This grouping has however no
      relation with an artificial economic criterion or an exploiting
      tendency. The purpose of this division is to definitely demarcate
      the difference in the inherent attributes and efficiency of people.
      The need for it is incalculable, even today while employing a person
      in some important and responsible job. So, every Tom, Dick and Harry
      is not appointed a pilot or a commander of an army. Compatibility of
      neural structure, excellence of intelligence, quickness, presence of
      mind, boldness, the capacity to take prompt decisions, mental
      stability, unswerving firmness, etc. are scientifically tested in
      different ways for selecting right men for the right job. In
      advanced countries, this method is employed for employing men in
      responsible offices. One of the principal functions of Varnashram is
      set up men in materializing the destined mission of their life by
      placing every person in the position that is ordained for him in the
      human world by nature in accordance with the structure of his inborn
      nerves and muscles, veins and arteries, brain cells and mental
      apparatus. In many countries, education is imparted by determining
      the individual distinctiveness of pupils. Modern science also
      emphatically acknowledges the paramount importance of compatible
      marriage; from time immemorial, the world has been aware of the
      propitious results of adherence, devotion, faith and pursuit of the
      Ideal. So, if we consider the workability of the fundamental
      principles of Varnashram in an unprejudiced, objective, scientific
      perspective, there can be no valid reason for any objection against
      it. It will be great mistake if anyone is inclined to think that we
      are superimposing the Indo-Aryan cult on all others. The British
      scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, discovered the law of gravitation. Has
      any scientist of any country in the world hesitated to accept it,
      because, it was discovered by a Britisher ? We are worshippers of
      life, worshippers of truth, i.e., worshippers of existence. Hence,
      we are worshippers of universal existential science. And so, we
      shall reverentially welcome this supreme science everywhere,
      integrating the same to our own tradition, culture and

      The Old World Order and Varnashram

      And, why should we call Varnashram an Indian system alone?
      If we analyze the outlines of the social system obtaining in ancient
      Greece, Italy, England, Egypt and Mexico. Etc., there we shall find
      partial signs of Varnashram in actual operation, though they did not
      adopt this name. Of course, nowhere else has it gained such a well-
      thought-out, clear-cut, well-practiced, well-tested, well-developed,
      scientific form likes the one in vogue in India.

      Personal Ownership and Inheritance

      Modern socialism is considerably hesitant in respect of
      personal ownership and inheritance. In Russia, once personal right
      over any form of wealth was treated as a taboo. It is heard that at
      present personal right over certain things is conceded there and
      children are allowed to enjoy them even after the death of their
      parents who owned them. The verdict of Varnashramic socialism in
      this regard is very precise. Varnashram normally recognizes personal
      right over an individual's own earning and the inheritance of the
      same by his offspring. But if he transgresses the principles of the
      Ideal, culture and social welfare, then and there he becomes a
      victim of social castigation and people's wrath. This social
      castigation had a tremendous impact on people. Even the rich had to
      submit to mandates of the poor but wise and benevolent Brahmins.
      They were not allowed to follow their own whims. So people had to
      maintain some degree of self-restraint despite the existence of
      their individual rights. The communists firmly believe that if
      people are allowed to enjoy personal and hereditary rights over
      their wealth and specially the factors or instruments of production,
      that is sure to invite economic disparity, capitalistic exploitation
      and oppression in the long run and as a result of that the majority
      of people will have to face extreme economic misery which will
      eventually render in difficult for them to survive in the struggle
      for existence. Again, the capitalist will gradually become inhuman
      due to their excessive greed for money, apathy to fellow beings and
      luxury. Under these circumstances social and national character,
      efficiency and integration will also decline. Their contention
      cannot be completely brushed aside. If we analyze the history of the
      world, it will be evident that apparently satan dominates the world.
      In more cases than not man abuses his powers. In the social sphere
      the desire to survive by destroying others is more prominent than
      the desire to survive by enchanting the life of others. People are
      more anxious to rise in life by putting others down than they are to
      gain greatness by making others great. Man is not ready to concede
      the right to others, he himself struggles for. He unhesitatingly
      behaves with people in a manner which he himself exceedingly abhors
      and resists. Such animal instincts are almost innate in most people.
      Moreover the ken of their knowledge, perception, love and far sight
      is extremely narrow. They do not know wherein their real interest
      lies. The blind impulse of passions constantly goads them towards a
      distorted suicidal and antisocial way of life.

      The Influence of Independent Occupation and
      Servitude on Character and Personality

      In view of these realistic conditions, obtaining in the
      society, it appears proper that personal ownership and hereditary
      right over property should be totally abolished. But man has a
      natural and inherent tendency to increase his efficiency and
      acquisitive knack. If this tendency is allowed to be stifled, then
      the state may extract the maximum amount of the work from the
      workers by intimidating or encouraging people in different ways, but
      it is doubtful how much it will succeed in awakening the inherent
      latent power, urge and ardour of the individuals composing the
      society. So if we adopt this system, it is bound to affect the auto-
      initiative, spontaneous, independent enterprise, individual
      resourcefulness and efficiency of people. It also considerably
      hampers the development of individual personality. Let us take the
      example of an independent, proficient lawyer and efficient judge
      serving under the government. Though both of them deal with law, it
      will be found that if the judge has no experience in independent
      profession of law, then he will evince some deficiency so far as
      practical application of law is concerned. Moreover the judge is not
      likely to possess the degree of self-confidence and presence of mind
      which the independent lawyer has acquired throughout his life by
      facing the risk of earning an independent living. Of course, it may
      be possible for the judge to attain these qualities by practicing
      law independently. What we aim to drive at is this : that an honest
      independent profession involving some measure of uncertainty,
      healthy competition and constant struggle is sure to strengthen our
      will-power, self-confidence, intelligence and personality. If the
      scope for this is eliminated from national life, it surely augers
      ill for the nation. If all the avenues of livelihood are brought
      under state-control, then every single individual belonging to a
      country will ultimately be compelled to become a paid servant of the
      state. Our scriptures have denounced servitude and have likened it
      to the vocation of a dog and a slave. Is it a matter of glory if we
      convert the whole nation into so many slaves just for the sake of
      ensuring appeasement of hunger? And where is the guarantee and
      safeguard that people at the helm of the state will not oppress the
      people by abusing their powers under the obsession of complexes?

      What is needed is Transformation of Character

      The basic point is that if people's and especially powerful
      people's character is not changed, then no external arrangement or
      adjustment will be able to provide wellbeing and peace. At this
      point some may say that change of heart and change of character is
      an impossible thing. That can never be achieved. This is just a
      pretext to lend support to the reactionary block by suppressing the
      inevitable revolution. We do not say that this allegation is
      baseless in all cases. It cannot be denied that quite a lot of
      people take shelter under religious maxims simply to hoodwink people
      and serve their passionate interests. But our say is far from this.
      We do not support similar passionate ness¬óbe that found in the
      capitalists or in the labourers. As my passionate ness is inimical
      to me, so also is it inimical to the world. Again as the passionate
      ness of another is inimical to him, so also is it inimical to the
      world and I am also one of the world. This is our clear and
      categorical conviction. So our crusade is against all forms of
      passionate, ignorant and foolish move of life. So I am determined to
      control the passions that are dwelling within me and are betraying
      the existential interest of myself and my bigger environment. Of
      course I do not want to serve my existence as also that of others.
      This is the existential crusade of every one of us.

      (to be continued....)
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