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    Excerpts from An Integral Philosophy of Life by Shri Prafulla Kumar Das, (Prati-Ritwik) , Satsang VARNASHRAM --- (Part -II) Existential Initiation Through
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      Excerpts from 'An Integral Philosophy of Life' by Shri Prafulla
      Kumar Das, (Prati-Ritwik) , Satsang

      VARNASHRAM --- (Part -II)

      Existential Initiation

      Through existential initiation i.e. through the acceptance
      and pursuit of fulfiller the best of the age endowed with an
      instinct of nurturing, distinctiveness and fulfilling all in all
      respects, as an Ideal, there appear in the individual and collective
      life and adjustment of complexes with upholding go, sympathy,
      service, integration, power and becoming. Of course all these things
      do not take shape over night. But regular and devoted practice for
      quite a long time serves to build and stabilized good habits and
      those good habits become converted into propitious instinct in due
      course. When that instinct is assimilated in the being, it acquires
      the fitness to be transmitted to children through compatible
      marriage. So throw the sustained effort of centuries we shall have
      to convert the social platform into an alter of concentric go of
      life. If a man has the wealth of active concentricity he can gather
      an elixir of life from within that itself and due to the want of it
      his happiness and riches may be instrumental in inviting misery and
      calamity under the pressure of passionate drives. His efficiency and
      ability instead of being a source of well-being may make the
      extinction of himself and his environment inevitable by indulging in
      a demoniac destructive mood as there are copious illustrations of
      the tragic end of efficient performance devoid of elegance to God in
      the pages of mythology and history, so also there are wonderful
      glorious anecdotes of super human valorous constructive achievements
      born of vigorous, dynamic devotion. So no one ha any reason to be
      beside himself with joy under any sect of circumstances, nor has
      anyone any justification to give up all hope in despair. In the
      world the prime and the principle need of all under all conditions
      is ceaseless devout an active pursuit of the Ideal. Being firmly
      established on this ground of uphold we shall have to step on with a
      rhythmic go of distinctiveness kindling and an extinguishable light
      of service for the whole of humanity.

      The Utility of Varna System

      Social-classification on the basis of stable hereditary
      instinct and distinctiveness combined with provision for hereditary
      occupation in tune with the same constitutes the crucial criterion
      of Varna System. Every well-breed individual is a unique asset to
      the society according to his instinct and distinctiveness. He has
      something special to do and contribute to humanity which cannot be
      accomplished by anyone else. In this respect the Varna System has no
      connection with so-called casteism in which hatred and discord
      predominate. The word "Jati" is the Bengali synonym for the English
      word race or ethnic group. From the stand point the whole of the
      Indian Hindu Society is simply one of the branches of Aryan race.
      The Varna system is a scientific gradation of human beings, which
      justifies every individual existence, so far as his role in the
      fulfillment of some specific practical need of the society and the
      world-order is concerned. So, it is not a new invention, rather it
      is a discovery and immanent and spontaneously active truth of the
      cosmic order and the practical application of the same in the
      organization and management of the Human society. Every individual
      has some ability according to his nature. The fulfilling ability of
      every individual and every class is an indispensable necessity for
      the protection of the existence and interest of all others. Without
      the specific service of a particular Varna the life cycle of all
      others may be put out of gear at any moment. It holds well in
      respect of the service of every particular Varna. The Varna system
      presupposes a social pattern in which no class can go on without the
      service of any other class. Thus different Varnas have to be
      normally interdependent and inter-interested. Under these
      circumstances, mutual love, service, co-operation and amity come to
      exist in the society quite naturally. Wherever an opposite tendency
      is found, that is to be regarded as a distortion springing from
      ignorance. That is no integral part of the science of Varna. Varna
      has sought to establish every individual and every class in a
      position of unique and extra-ordinary dignity in the society
      according to his distinctiveness. It has again endeavour to
      definitely point out his proper place and divinely ordained function
      in the universe, where he is unparalleled and singular, without the
      efficient and benign active co-operation of whom the whole world may
      be flooded with an upheaval of indiscipline and chaos. The creator
      has desired every man to be installed in unique glory and in tune
      with that Varna System, has constantly and consistently attempted to
      highlight and enshrine the paramount importance of individuals by
      introducing and emphasizing a kind of existential individual
      liberty, which is a perfect accord with the Ideal and the

      Why Encroachment on other's Occupation Prohibited

      In the varna-system, no one is allowed to earn his
      livelihood save and except through the occupation, that is
      consistent with a man's Varna. Because, everyone should do the work
      which is normal to his nature. To be engaged in a work, that is
      against his nature is to waste energy and consequently to harm
      himself and the society. As engagement in an occupation in accord
      with one's varna is scientifically correct so also it is very
      effective from the standpoint of economics and order in social life.
      So, in the society pursuing Varnashram there was once nothing like
      what may be called unemployment problem or dishonest cut-throat
      competition. Encroachment on others' occupation was then considered
      to be a sin. Except in emergencies, none was allowed to destroy
      social harmony and balance by usurping another's occupation. After
      the emergency, everyone had again to resume the occupation
      consistent with his Varna. The purpose behind this is that through
      the combination of the distinctive labour and service of the four
      Varnas, i.e., Vipra, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra, the entire society
      can remain normal, healthy and progressive. If the society is
      deprived of the nurture flowing from a special kind of efficient
      service, then the society will be proportionately weakened and
      unbalanced due to the lack of that nurture. It ultimately creates
      hindrance in the advancement towards all-round preparedness and
      development of the society and through this loophole there
      eventually appear an unbalanced one-sided obsessed fragmentary,
      deviating conception and move which run counter to a total
      unfoldment of life. Such a go of life tends to engender
      inefficiency, want of cooperation, dissension, discord, chaos,
      dependence on others and foreign domination.

      The Purpose of Varnashram

      To avoid and avert these dangers, the all-seeing Indo-Aryan
      social scientists introduced such a natural social planning on the
      basis of reality that through the active cooperation of different
      classes endowed with inborn instinct and ability the whole society
      might attain all-round prosperity and well-being. The Varnashram
      comprehends within its colossal compass very many factors which we
      can hardly enumerate exhaustively. In fact, it covers within its
      universal sweep-Ideal, individual, environment, the past, the
      present, the future, life on earth, life hereafter, Dharma, wealth,
      fulfillment of existential desires, liberation, biology, physiology,
      heredity, psychology, sociology, politics, economics, genetics,
      creation of efficiency, balanced production and distribution,
      service with a view to nurturing distinctiveness, gradual
      acquisition of ability, individualism, social control, social order,
      cooperation, power and integration, social dignity based on
      distinctiveness and moral growth irrespective of economic affluence,
      social justice, evolution, economic and political freedom, in other
      words, harmony of socialism and democracy, organization of an
      unexploiting serviceable scientifically-classified loving society
      instead of a classless society or a clash of classes, harmonization
      of instinctive nature and occupation, existential arrangements, evil-
      resisting valour, precise and conscious preparation for struggle for
      existence, sense of security, the improvement of genetic worth and
      human qualities, the technique of perpetuating every lovely quality
      in the human society through generations, knowledge, research,
      inventiveness, sacrifice, spiritual practices, self-culture,
      propagation of the Ideal, study, teaching, charity, receiving
      regardful offers, existential custom, the simultaneous culture of
      mundane, and super mundane learning, divine valour, generosity,
      boldness, heroism, instinct of pugnacity, astute intellect, tactful
      benign diplomacy, awakening of creative genius, expansion of
      agriculture, industry, trade and commerce, acquisitive instinct,
      capability, quick execution, presence of mind, regardful nurture,
      active concentric progressiveness and expansiveness, ten forms of
      sacrament, five daily sacrifices etc. And it is amazing that all
      these diverse factors have been most happily harmonized, adjusted,
      reconciled and integrated in the scheme of Varnashram in a very
      natural manner.

      Varnashram, History and Mythology

      We are taken aback by the description of the wonderful
      social progress and prosperity attained by the Varnashramic society
      as may be found in the accounts of foreign travelers like
      Megasthenes, Heuensang and Arian etc., we are aware of the
      achievements of "Rama-Rajya." But we are most impressed by the scene
      where we find a Brahmin asking explanation of Sri Ram Chandra about
      the cause of the premature death of his son. We must realize the
      height of the standard of society, state and civilization where a
      solitary individual citizen can stand firmly and boldly before the
      world with a claim of asserting his personal right and securing
      social justice. And it is really gratifying to note that the man has
      not been treated as a madcap. King Sri Ram Chandra, the superb scion
      of the Raghu dynasty, has silently, eagerly and respectfully
      listened to his complaints along with his eminent ministers and
      courtiers and subsequently tried to explore the cause of it and
      remedy the same. In the story of Jataka we find a father who lived
      abroad to be totally unperturbed even after receiving the news of
      his son's death, nay even after seeing the alleged bone of his dead
      son. He cannot at all believe that premature death may take place in
      his family. For through successive generations they have been
      systematically pursuing the applied science and infallible
      principles of scripture that are sure to block all the channels by
      means of which premature death may flow into the family.
      Subsequently the man who was testing him disclosed the reason for
      his giving a false report. Then both of them became supremely happy.
      Such things testify to the glorious achievements of the Indo-Arvan
      Varnashramic society. In the face of their constancy and
      irresistible, wise, dynamic activism, the horrors of unseen fate
      hasten to flee and Satan being terrified quickly steals away. When
      we think in terms of their tremendous practical efficiency, we
      happen to discover scores of things to be legitimately proud of. It
      was only the other day when the muslin of Dacca was very popular and
      much in demand all over the world, so much so that the foreign
      rulers had no other alternative than to cut the thumbs of thousands
      of Indian weavers to enable the cloth mills of Manchester to
      maintain their existence and run their business profitably. Similar
      examples of excellence abound in every sphere of life. They are writ
      large in golden letters in the pages of history. It is unnecessary
      to increase the volume of the book by enumerating all those details.

      (to be continued....)
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