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Social Life --- Excerpts from AIPOL

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    Excerpts from An Integral Philosophy of Life by Shri Prafulla Kumar Das, Prati-Ritwik, SATSANG Social Life ... The Vital Factor in Social Organism Conjugal
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      Excerpts from "An Integral Philosophy of Life" by Shri Prafulla
      Kumar Das, Prati-Ritwik, SATSANG

      Social Life

      The Vital Factor in Social Organism

      Conjugal life, family-life and social life, in fact, all
      forms of corporate life are composed of individuals. Individual and
      society are inseparably connected. Individual life becomes
      immobilized without the co-operation of the society, again a society
      without individuals is unthinkable. Because, the society is nothing
      but a collection of many individuals. Of course, if a good number of
      people resides in a place contiguously without having any mutual
      affinity that does not serve to build up a society. There should
      exist a uniting bond among them. This uniting bond binds all in a
      loving relationship and integrates them. And this constitutes the
      vital element of the social organism. The basic implication of the
      word `society' is to proceed together towards one object. And what
      is the object towards which we shall advance? If it is to be stated
      concisely, it should be said that it is being and becoming. The main
      reason for such an assertion is that this deep driving desire never
      forsakes anyone. The supreme father is existent in every being as
      the urge of life. But unity of purpose alone will not do, there
      should be a fulfilling embodiment for serving this end. When the
      libidoic tension of every individual gets attached to such an Ideal,
      the entire mass of people becomes crystallized around him, with a
      valorous upsurge of intelligence, strength, energizing volition and
      inter-interestedness. This Ideal symbolizes the vital forceĀ—the
      upholding and protecting power and the ever fresh flow of a
      perpetual existential fountain of the society.

      The Emergence of a Spiritual Consciousness in Social Life

      The greatest problem of social life is the predominance of
      anti-social tendency and move of the individual members constituting
      the society. It will not do to repress it by external chastisement
      alone. Again, repression itself is not the main object. Each anti-
      social, unadjusted animal propensity has to be transformed into an
      adjusted and divine attribute calculated to enhance social good and
      work wonders. God has allowed them to exist in the world-order as
      they are sure to undergo such a thorough transformation and be
      instrumental in contributing to human welfare. We should never
      forget that al the deadly poisons of the world have been granted a
      lease of life, so that they may eventually be converted into nectar.
      The only thing that is needed for effecting this superb alchemy is
      the divinizing touch of the Ideal. Through Ideal-centric use and
      adjustment everything bad ceases to be bad. Then it becomes ardent
      and enthusiastic in securing existential well-being for the Ideal,
      individual and environment.
      The most formidable enemy of man is his narrow self-
      centeredness separates the individual from the Ideal and the
      environment. He does not become an existential friend to anyone, on
      the contrary he becomes friendly to his passions alone which are
      always hostile to individual and collective life and growth. If this
      anti-existential, anti-social and disastrous mentality is not
      changed, the society can never get crystallized or advance towards
      progress. It is for this that individuals are required to accept the
      Ideal and be active in fulfilling his interest and installing him
      all-around. The Ideal is a person whose entire life-urge is
      constantly engaged in upholding, nourishing and protecting every
      individual being. If anyone happens to love him, he cannot but
      devote all his passions to achieving existential welfare for one and
      all. The Ideal cannot be made to be pleased and delighted save
      through such an active move of life. So, those who love and serve
      the Ideal cannot do without loving and serving humanity. It is thus
      that they create a great, grand and vast platform on the basis of
      loving harmony and integration.
      This concentric loving harmony and integration constitutes
      the fundamental factor of social consolidation. If this basic
      framework factor of social consolidation. If this basic framework is
      not forged man cannot properly realize and enjoy the blessedness of
      his lie in such a social milieu. For if mutual love, service,
      encouragement, give and take, sacrifice, endurance, compassion, co-
      operation, friendliness, regard, appreciation, goodwill, toleration,
      forbearance and helpfulness do not dominate the social life, the
      libidoic glow of every individual starts dwindling owing to want of
      proper nourishment and culture. Then life becomes mechanical. The
      human existence that could otherwise be ever fresh, ever-
      resourceful, expansive, joyous and productive of infinite good
      through the sustained pursuit of a concentric go of all-embracing
      love and service, turns out to be dull, insipid, cheerless, worn
      out, circumscribed, shriveled, devoid of happy relation with the
      world and as such deprived of fulfillment. Where is the urge there
      that will induce a man to immerse himself in the culture aimed at
      achieving infinite expansion and depth? If we seek to get rid of
      this catastrophe
      And make the society vibrant and evolving by infusing a spiritual
      consciousness in it, we shall have to flood the country, nay, the
      entire world with a new light through an intensive and extensive
      propagation of the Ideal.

      The Continuity of the Past, Present and Future

      The human society flows on as an unbroken stream. The
      present is born out of the matrix of the past and the present
      evolves into the future. So we must seek to maintain a conscious
      continuity in the social life, so that we may assimilate the
      attainments of the past and may properly face and solve the
      oppositions and complex problems of the modern world on the basis of
      our accumulated experiences and may thus usher in a brighter and
      more glorious future being equipped with better weapons to meet the
      challenges that are likely to make their appearance in time to come.
      Right from the beginning of human history, man has transcended many
      shocks, cataclysms, and an endless series of tremendous crises and
      problems, rises and falls and in this process has reached the
      present stage of civilization and culture. He has had to struggle
      his utmost to fight the internal and external opposition in order to
      live and grow. That struggle has not ceased even today nor will it
      ever cease. This existential contest of man is eternal and infinite.
      In the battle field of life man has no end to his preparation,
      knowledge, evolution and becoming. This is the eternal, interminable
      play of the supreme lord in the bosom of creation.

      The Pernicious Effects of Deviation from Culture

      This ceaseless existential struggle which is as old as
      humanity has endowed man with a stupendous amount of experience and
      precise knowledge. It is this that has given him Dharma, culture and
      tradition, and has given rise to well coordinated customs,
      conventions, institutions, principles and laws of progressive life.
      it has again contributed to the unlocking of an irresistible dynamic
      energy, in the flow of our life. So, we are indissolubly connected
      with the past. It is the past that has built us up. If we be slack
      in keeping up coherence with the fundamental basis of our existence,
      we shall cease to be what we are and shall be compelled to undergo
      an unnatural and degenerative metamorphosis. That will mean a
      premature death for our social life. in fact the society will lose
      its distinctiveness, its independence, its individuality, its
      identity. And ultimately it will be oblivious of its divinely
      destined duty and responsibility. It will have nothing to contribute
      to the world. It will also miss the capacity to enrich itself by
      gathering and assimilating any beneficial element from others. This
      lifeless, deviating society, cut off from its original moorings will
      be bound to succumb to disintegration, decomposition and fragility.
      It will then be utilized by one and all. Other living and power
      societies entertaining a different philosophy of life will use it in
      any manner they like. The society that was a worshipper of being and
      becoming and could possibly save the whole human race by initiating
      the same in a universal divine cult may welcome a suicidal way of
      life under the constraint of a passionate delusion and yet feel
      glory in doing so. This is the terrible outcome of cultural conquest.

      Creating a Nobler Present and Future

      So, we should never forget our existential tradition,
      culture, custom, noble birth and distinctiveness. Our regard and
      allegiance to these things should always be kept alive, unshaken and
      active. It is only then that the source from which we have evolved
      through generations, in other words, our prime energizing life-urge
      will remain intact. In fact, we shall be constantly replenished by
      assimilating and imbibing the spirit of our hoary, holy, magnificent
      and immortal culture with all our being. We shall always be
      conscious that we are the offspring of seers and great men. We bear
      their blood in our veins. Even in the midst of chaos all-round, this
      memory and consciousness will always induce us to unfurl the banner
      of their existential culture and invite the citizens of the world to
      participate in the attainment of divine life. Then we shall give and
      receive, join all, assemble all, win all and belong to all without
      losing our identity. Rather we shall endeavour to further it. Also
      we shall not desire anyone else to lose his existential
      characteristics. We shall want to establish unity that is endowed
      with variety and distinctiveness. But we shall never try to reduce
      all into a lifeless homogeneous chaotic mass. And that is not found
      in nature either. We shall welcome the scientific social structure
      which is in consonance with the cosmic order. It will be our
      desideratum to evolve a social pattern in which the individual and
      the community will be ensured. We shall be determined to consolidate
      the base of the tested and enduring social system and life-giving
      assets which have been achieved through the unerring efforts of ages
      on the basis of revealed knowledge and shall at the same time
      dedicate ourselves whole-heartedly to creating a better present and
      a more glorious future.

      Synthesis of Conservatism and Progressiveness

      In this context it should be said that if a synthesis of
      Ideal-centric conservatism and progressiveness is not achieved, the
      society can never go forward towards progress and expansion on the
      basis of distinctiveness. Life and the world are dynastic and ever
      changing. Specially due to the contribution of science, the compass
      of the world has virtually been considerably compressed. The
      unfailing impact and action and reaction born of close contact of
      different societies, different forms of civilization and culture, as
      also different conflicting philosophies and ideologies are
      constantly agitating, distracting and perplexing people. But if we
      forsake our indigenous culture due to our perplexity and being
      deluded by external glamour try to imitate others out of an
      inferiority complex and slavish mentality, that will lead us ruin.
      We have already indicated it. Again in order to remain true to our
      culture, if we can not adapt ourselves to the life-giving change and
      dynamism of the times and become isolated from the rest of the
      progressive world, that is also sure to jeopardize our existence. So
      what is needed is to affect a synthesis in conformity with
      concentric adherence. The ideological conflict and the intellectual
      and emotional ferment that have been created all over the human
      society due to virtual shrinkage of the world will, we believe, act
      as the harbinger of a great synthetic solution hitherto unthought-
      of. We may take it for granted that when we have been faced with
      such a stupendous crises, a counteracting force will also reveal
      itself and save us from this deadly peril.

      (Source: AIPOL, SPH, 1977)
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