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Disciples of Sri Sri Thakurji

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  • vagabondindia
    Listen O Yati*, O Sanyasin* ! (* Yati & Sanyasin = They essentially mean those who are attached to Sadguru/truth. Not just someone in saffron robes. Nor
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2004
      "Listen O Yati*,
      O Sanyasin* !

      (* Yati & Sanyasin = They essentially mean "those who are attached
      to Sadguru/truth. Not just someone in saffron robes. Nor just those
      who have left their families. Its for all disciples of Sri Sri Thakur

      As you take up this vow,
      you should rivet the idea
      in your mind
      that you are the child
      of the Nameless One.
      You have also no name,
      neither did you ever have it.
      The name which represents you
      belongs to your external form.

      It indicates the state
      that you have attained
      through whirlpools of evolution
      in the course of the flux of union and separation ;
      and the body, in which you are dwelling,
      is just your guest-house.

      You have none,
      nor had you anyone .
      Take it for granted
      that whatever you possess
      does not exist at all !

      You are the blessing
      of the Lord of the universe,
      and He is your all in all,
      it is His living embodiment
      that constitutes your ideal.

      The roof of your house is the sky,
      and the grass growing on the bosom
      of the green mother-earth
      is your bed,
      the calamity of solace of nature
      is His chastisement or loving kiss !

      Bear it in mind
      that you will have no food
      when you are hungry,
      you will have no water
      when you are thirsty,
      you will have no cloth to wear,
      you will have no money,
      when sick you will not be
      provided with any
      medicine or nursing,
      your relations and family members,
      who depend on you
      for their subsistence,
      may be crushed by suffering
      and misery, right in front of you.

      Perhaps everyone will hate you, insult you
      and expose you to public censure,
      still you will have to be
      steady and untottering,
      making your passions unexpectant,
      cruelly ignoring their demands.

      You will have to dwell
      constantly in the Lord
      with single-minded spiritual devotion
      in unfaltering steps
      with all active and
      eloquent expression.

      May desire for lust, wealth
      or fame
      never touch you;
      you will have to consider
      to be an evolved embodiment
      of Him,
      and install the ideal in him
      i.e., in the throne of His
      unquestioning love
      through infusion
      and that is your enjoyment.

      Be pleased with whatever you obtain
      as loving offer
      and take it to be the
      means of your livelihood.

      Blessings welcome them
      who can maintain self-complacence
      under all circumstances
      in the course of their
      energized expansive achievement.

      Listen again,
      I tell you furthermore,
      Your consciousness,
      your enlightened awakening,
      the endowment of your
      spiritual aspirations,
      which have embraced you
      transforming yourself
      as an offering to your ideal,
      and which has found
      in concentricity and sublimation,
      fulfilling one and all,
      in a mighty co-ordinate move
      with awakening of
      and immortal bliss

      in the dictum `never die, nor cause death
      but resist death to death',
      with all sober and somber flare
      of thoughts , words, behaviour
      and character,
      is, indeed, a very great
      and glorious consummation.

      Do never desist from
      imparting it
      to every individual life,
      every social life
      every national life,
      with an effulgence
      of eternal becoming.

      Let your conduct, your discipline,
      your adherence, your thought,
      your speech , your action
      in a word, your whole life
      exalt and enliven all,
      with an immortal thrill
      and glare of gladness
      inducing unity, strength, stability,
      mutual co-operation,
      and ever-growing becoming."

      - Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra ji
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