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  • Ranabir Mandal
    reading the all facts, I only remember the bani named Deba Viksha (Ogo Viksha Dao.... ) of thakur ... __________________________________________________ Do
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2006
      reading the all facts, I only remember the bani named
      "Deba Viksha" (Ogo Viksha Dao.... ) of thakur

      --- Yashendra <yashendra108@...> wrote:

      > Respected Ma,
      > Yes.
      > Till about few days back HE was in Patiala, a town
      > in Punjab. Its a bit difficult to write much about
      > HIM, and that too in a public forum.
      > I can only write a few lines of what I understand,
      > if at all.
      > HIS goal is well-known. HE wants to put the eternal
      > principles of life & growth, which we call Dharma,
      > into practice at all levels, from individual to
      > world. ONE SUPREME MASTER distributes the chronology
      > of HIS work ranging through all Yugas. The advents
      > of Sri Ram, Krishna, Christ, Mohammad, Paramhans &
      > Sri Sri Thakurji etc. were parts of that grand
      > design. The last two,namely Paramhans & Sri Sri
      > Thakurji raised the levels of spiritual perfection
      > to extremely high levels, perhaps unheard before
      > them. Now, the time has come to implement that.
      > Who, except HE HIMSELF, can implement ?
      > A few years back, I had organized a Satsang cum
      > Conference which was attended by many, including
      > late Spencer-da. When I showed the photographs of
      > that function to ANANT SRI BABA, HE did look at
      > them, but then said- " Now, whatever you do, nothing
      > will happen. All the files have come to me."
      > >>>>>>>
      > In 1981 HE had asked me- " Who are you ?"
      > I fumbled, as I knew that HE knows me. I said- "
      > Your pupil."
      > HE replied-" This is not the answer."
      > ......" You are the being of Sri Sri Thakur
      > Anukulchandra Who fulfills your needs."
      > 11 years later, HE asked me the same question again
      > ! I remembered what HE had told me years ago and
      > said- " I am the being of Sri Sri Thakur
      > Anukulchandra Who* fulfills my needs." [ *Who= Sri
      > Sri Thakurji]
      > But, HE changed my answer !!!! Correcting me, HE
      > said- " You are the being of Sri Sri Thakur
      > Anukulchandra who** is to fulfill HIS needs !"
      > [ ** who= me]
      > This above -mentioned thing points out the
      > paradigm-shift in approach.
      > So far, Sri Sri Thakurji has given us everything,
      > which He always does. But we followers have failed
      > Him.
      > So, now, it payback time for us. " I will judge by
      > your actions how much you love me."- ANANT SRI BABA
      > Lord Krishna did not act the way Lord Ram had. Sri
      > Sri Thakurji did not act the way Paramhans did.
      > Neither did He enter into Ramkrishna Mission to
      > carry His work forward. The Prophets, being the
      > Fulfiller of all the prevous ones, do not work thru
      > any past infrastructure.
      > >>>>>
      > We can cite a similarity between the co-relation
      > between Ram & Krishna on the one hand and Sri Sri
      > Thakurji and ANANT SRI BABA on the other. Ram was
      > 'Maryada Purushottam' ( All rules and law-abiding
      > Perfect Man). But Lord Krishna violated a number of
      > social norms. When Krishna was flirting with Radha,
      > a married woman, and stole dress of the milkmaids,
      > even the sages found it hard to believe that This is
      > the Supreme Lord !! Krishna broke all possible moral
      > and codes of conduct to defeat the Asuras like
      > Saalba, Jarasandh and the Kauravas in Mahabharata
      > war.
      > Similarly, Sri Sri Thakurji was perfection
      > personified. What He has said and done is going to
      > be law-book for the coming age. ANANT SRI BABA says
      > that Sri Sri Thakurji is like the Manu ( the
      > law-giver) for the coming age. Like Ram, Sri Sri
      > Thakurji listened to all and did not transgress
      > (mostly) anyone including His mother, brother,
      > friends like Sushil Bose and then the sons. But we
      > know that excpet Sri Sri Thakurji no one was
      > perfect. As a result, Sri Sri Thakurji couldnot get
      > a single man !!
      > This is not the case with ANANT SRI BABA. HE is HIS
      > MAN HIMSELF.
      > " Whatever has to be done will be done by me, by
      > none else; you just entertain me."- ANANT SRI BABA
      > >>>
      > HE is busy, very busy, extremely busy. Working at a
      > speed faster than light. For mortals like us,
      > spending even 2 days with HIM is like a test of fire
      > !!
      > We all are immersed in doing things which HE has
      > instructed us to do. Many of these are related to
      > deep spiritual practices. " Let me prepare the
      > ground for you to work," HE says, "...then I will
      > call you to join the rendezvous.... There will be
      > one center of power in th world, always all
      > ways..."- ANANT SRI BABA
      > In case you want to know about HIS intentions about
      > the USA, then HE has this to say...." ....I will
      > enter the western front after some time, though,even
      > now I am looking after all the fronts invisibly."-
      > >>>
      > HIS WAYS r unknown, but what I personally
      > interpret/feel is that HE is bringing phenomenal
      > changes in the causal worlds, i.e. the layers of
      > existence that cause everything in this world of
      > ours.
      > And HE has travelled far and wide in India on HIS
      > own. Unaided, unaccompanied, from North to South.
      > Silently and stealthly. But, amazingly, everywhere,
      > HE has innumerable people teaming up with HIM. They
      > are not Satsangees but new people who just fall in
      > love with HIM. Driven by some irrestible pull ?? I
      > swear, as I have seen this myself !
      > No, HE is not setting up some organization or
      > something like that. HE doesnot need stuffs like
      > >>>>HE is not ready to compromise on anything, from
      > smallest to biggest things.<<< HE is not not not not
      > not bound by anyone, whther father, mother, friends,
      > foes, sister, wife, followers or gods and
      > goddeses.<<<<
      > HE is the ultimate achievent. The culmination of all
      > wants and desires of we human beings<<<<<
      > People like Osama Bin Laden, George Bush, Bill
      > Gates, the cunning political leaders, the perverted
      > intelligenstia and the trans-national business
      > companies and all anti-Dahrma people might be
      > considering themselves very smart, cunning and
      > resource-ful Plus powerful, but take my word, I
      > swear, ANANT SRI BABA outclasses them on all these
      > accounts !! HE is going to beat the evil with evil's
      > own ways !!
      > HE is one to be experienced at the core of the heart
      > !! Because HE is the Lord of all hearts !!
      > We bow to the SUPREME MASTER
      > Vande Soami !
      > yours, in HIM,
      > Yashendra
      > On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 Audrey Hauserman wrote :
      > >Yashendra,
      > >
      > >Is Anant Sri Baba Bapun? We here in U.S. are
      > interested in what he is doing these days.
      > >
      > >JaiGuru
      > >Audrey

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