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Do unto others as you wish to be done by

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  • vagabondindia
    Do unto others as you wish to be done by, but expect not in return =========================================== One mother came forward and complained to Shri
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      Do unto others as you wish to be done by, but expect not in return

      One mother came forward and complained to Shri Shri Thakur about the cruel behaviour of someone.

      Shri Shri Thakur listened to every minute details with utmost attention and then said in a compassionate tone – you felt a lot of pain, isn't it?

      The same
      mother – Yes. It has hurt me in my heart.

      Shri Shri Thakur – You have never hurt anyone, have you?

      Mother – I try not to. However, if my mood is not so well, then at times, suddenly I do misbehave with a few people.

      Shri Shri Thakur – Do you get pleasure after you misbehave?

      Mother – No. I feel sad. Repentance comes in my mind.
      Shri Shri Thakur – Just when you started to feel repented, if you find the same person talking foul about you in different places, then how will you feel?

      Mother – Then the repentance starts receding and a tendency to support my earlier conduct comes back.

      Shri Shri Thakur – But if the same person, instead of talking foul about you, tries to sympathetically understand the circumstances and reasons behind your misbehaviour and in spite of your misconduct tries to deal with you very cordially, then what will be your state of mind?

      Mother – Though I have never got such a response from anyone, still I feel, if someone behaves with me in this way, my heart will be truly filled with gratitude for him and the repentance for my own misconduct will increase even further.

      Shri Shri Thakur – So you do wish to get such a response in spite of your misdeed?
      Mother – Who will not want this?

      Shri Shri Thakur – Then how about returning that person, who has misbehaved with you, the same behaviour as you wish for yourself? I think that ends in benefitting our self the most because that man becomes our very own forever. However, if he is wicked in nature, then he might try to cause harm later. So being careful, if we can deal considerately we would often find the man bowing down in admiration and thus we can achieve a greater reign over his heart. To win a man is far more profitable than winning a precious asset. Is there any end to the ways a man can be useful to us if he is on our side? That is why I say – think how you expect to be treated in a particular situation and then from that standpoint try to give appropriate consideration to one and all and then depending on the place, time and person deal aptly with every individuals ever so pleasantly. In this way you can dwell on the cherished-throne of respect from many people. To a large extent the agitation inside your mind will also be driven away by this. However, even if you behave in this way, never expect similar deliberation from others in return. In this way you will achieve satisfaction to a great extent.

      [Ref: Alochona Prasange Vol.9, First Edition, 1964, , P12-13]
      Translated by Subrata Ghosh
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