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RE: Why do we suffer when God is there ?

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  • krishnendu.rudra@wellsfargo.com
    Thanks a lot for presenting this wonderful discourses. You are doing a great job. Now-a-days no one talks about Janardan-Da and his association with Sri Sri
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      Thanks a lot for presenting this wonderful discourses.

      You are doing a great job.

      Now-a-days no one talks about Janardan-Da and his association with Sri Sri Thakur. Janardan-Da's contribution to Satsang movement in India as well as in America is beyond imagination. I have not seen any prolific orator like him on Sri Sri Thakur. Someday, some one will rewriter and revisit the real history of Satsang movement............. The devotional story of Sri Sri Thankur's Krishti Santans.............112 South Senthi Road ( Janardan-Da's residence in Kolkata ) was is fact a source of attraction to me and a meeting place every week. I grew up with his indomitable waive of Satsang movement.

      My last meeting with Janardan-Da was in July 1983 at Deoghar where he was struggling to recover from his stoke related disability.

      Sorry I could not control the temptation to walk to my memory lane and share that feelings with you all. Sri Sri Thankur once said " Feelings are the Foundation of Faith". How can I ignore that ?

      By the way, yesterday we celebrated Sri Sri Thankur's Birthday with great enthusiasm in New York. We will send you the details later.

      Regards and Radhaswami to you and all.

      Krishnendu Rudra M.B.A
      Satsang Foundation USA Inc.
      Chairman of the Board of Trustee.
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      Subject: [Aryakrishti Vedic Dharma] Why do we suffer when God is there ?

      Why do we suffer when God is there ?

      [Janardan Mukherjee's conversations with Sri Sri Thakurji ]

      "Can you tell me why man always wants someone or something that he can
      never get ? In his distress he cries for `him', but that 'him'
      never comes. Why should man worship such a one as God ? What does
      he contribute to our needs ? During the days of famine and
      starvation I saw the hungry people of my country being literally
      withered to death and they wept and prayed to God in agony. But that
      God never came ! So, what is the use of calling to him who pays no
      heed to our prayers ?" I spoke with deep feeling and Thakur glanced
      at me sympathetically and remained silent until he had seated himself
      on the verandah of the Yati Ashram and we had taken our seat near

      Then, looking at me he ( Sri Sri Thakur) began, "This world of ours
      is created out of a cosmic process and so in everything we do we must
      follow the process or the laws through which our needs may be satisfied.
      Suppose you daily drink tea in a restaurant and with every sip you feel
      that you are enjoying the elixir of life. But you remain unaware that
      earlier each day a tuberculosis patient is drinking tea from the same
      cup. You are finding pleasure no doubt, but it is pleasure gained at
      the expense of being infected with tuberculosis. And though you do
      not know it, yet your ignorance will not prevent the disease from
      proceeding. What is the saying, 'Ignorace of the law is no excuse ?'
      Well, so it is with the laws of universe. After a few years when the
      disease will attack, you will say, `Oh, I never wanted this disease,
      why does it come?' Here the same thing applies : the danger is coming
      though you don't want it, for it must come because you, in your
      ignorance, invited, coaxed and pleaded for it to take its abode in your
      body ! You may say that this has come out of ignorance, but ignorance
      is inexcusable in the of nature. When a child puts his hand in the
      fire, it will be burned in spite of his dislike to be burned. Hence,
      nature will not allow you to remain ignorant and even more, such
      ignorance is sin in the dictionary of God."

      " Even the history of human evolution describes how ignorance has been
      eliminated and thorough and perfect knowledge achieved. The elements of
      water exist all around you. But these elements alone will not give you
      water unless you undertake the process of combining them properly
      and raising them to the particular temperature necessary for
      making water. So it is with everything-each has a long process
      through which it evolves and God also, is the culmination of such long
      process. Therefore, one of His names is "'Bidhata'. 'Bidhi' means
      laws or system, an 'Bidhata' means 'He who holds the laws of life:

      " So, if you want to know God, you must go through the process by
      which God can be known to you. And that is the reason why God being
      the creator must still undergo every suffering and all the rigours
      involved in the process of the laws of life when He created himself
      in human form. So, in the Gita, we find Lord Krishna saying `
      They can know me only when they know the process through which I am
      made.' ('Yo maam vetti tatvatah'). And those people who died of
      starvation despite their anguished prayers to God were just like
      the patients who continuously disobey the rules of life until disease
      becomes incurable and then then they call for the doctor. But however
      deeply the doctor may feel for their sufferings, he cannot cure them
      because they have already destroyed themselves. He can only help them in
      so far as they agree to return to the laws of life and to follow his

      "So, the negation or opposite side of God is ignorance and to know God
      means to know everything. Hence, when we follow a process that leads to
      more ignorance, we follow the opposite of God. The famine and pestilence
      were gained in such a way and when death became inevitable, all cried
      and wept for God. No doubt God is shocked and pained to see our
      sufferings, but unless we become concentric to him, unless we follow
      his advice, no relief is possible. And this God is never a God in
      the skies, but remains in a human form in which all those
      qualities necessary for complete development and knowledge are embodied.
      And, so, it is that those who try to understand the philosophy of
      religion and to realize God in concrete and material terms are saved
      from depending upon any mysterious and vague idea. Hence, in the Gita,
      we find Lord Krishna saying, `Man cannot recognize Me because I come in
      human form', and in the Bible, we find Lord Christ's loving longing
      expressed :

      "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest and stonest the prophets,
      them which are sent unto thee ; how often would I have gathered thy
      children together, even as a hen gathered her chickens under her wings,
      but ye would not."

      "This living God Who knows everything and yet remains
      wisely-foolish and gorgeously simple-this is the God that I realize
      and no other God can exist for me besides this concrete God."

      - Excerpts from " Who Thou The Revolutionary ?", written by Janardan
      Mukherjee [ English translation by Ray Archer Hauserman]1956.
      Published by- Satsang, Deoghar. [Janardan da was a Communist leader and
      an ardent follower of Sri Sri Thakurji and ANANT SRI BABA. ]

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