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2298Re: [Aryakrishti Vedic Dharma] Vaak shakti- The power of words

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  • sachindra prasad
    Feb 11, 2013
      Power of heart is only thing that matters. Rest is gossip

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      Subject: [Aryakrishti Vedic Dharma] Vaak shakti- The power of words
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       Positivity in the mind brings power in words.

      These days, there is a lot of importance for the words that we speak. Small little words can make or break relationships. But, in order to bring impact through our words, we need to have positivity in our mind. When positive words are combined with a positive mind, it brings positive results in interaction and relationships. Today I will appreciate someone with love. I will encourage him with positive words. But before that I will take a thought of good wish for this person. Then, whatever I say will have power in it and thus will create a positive impact.
      -Raj Yoga
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