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Big Monks shows - The Chance Main Stage! Hi everyone, long time no see. We really appreciate all of your help throughout the years. It's pretty annoying sometimes getting group e-mails, so we really

Steven Jacob Goldman
Jun 12, 2007

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Armageddon Monks in Poughkeepsie, NY February 1, 2007 Armageddon Monks Newsletter Hi everyone, This is just a quick reminder that the Armageddon Monks will be playing at Club Crannell Street (part

Steven Jacob Goldman
Feb 1, 2007

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Armageddon Monks live in Boston! Armageddon Monks are playing their original hard rock show in Boston this coming Tuesday! Here's the info: Armageddon Monks Live in Boston, feat. Reserve and

Steven Jacob Goldman
Jan 3, 2007

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Armageddon Monks Second Album Release Party! The Armageddon Monks are putting on their biggest show to date this Friday at the Nines (collegetown Ithaca). They recently finished recording their second

Steven Jacob Goldman
Nov 13, 2006

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Monks live on WVBR Tuesday, MicCawber's Wednesday Hey folks, Tune in to WVBR (93.5 FM Ithaca, or streaming at www.wvbr.com ) to hear us play some tracks from our upcoming second full-length album, TOMORROW

Steven Jacob Goldman
Sep 25, 2006

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Armageddon Monks live Acoustic at RPCC (Cornell) Hey Monks Listeners, It's the start (sort of) of a new semester at Cornell, and we're back to playing shows again. This time around, when you can't catch us

Steven Jacob Goldman
Sep 20, 2006

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Monks (ACTUAL) Last show of the (semester) Hey awesome people, The Armageddon Monks are playing their actual last show of the 2006 Cornell year tonight, Friday May 19th at the Nines in Collegetown.

Steven Jacob Goldman
May 19, 2006

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Monks' last big show of the semester! (Slope eve) The Armageddon Monks are playing the last big show of the semester this Thursday Night at the Nines in C-town! It's our drummer Devon's last show with us, and

Steven Jacob Goldman
May 2, 2006

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Monks Live at Castaways this Friday! Calling all metalheads and music enthusiasts: The Armageddon Monks will be headlining at Castaways (Downtown Ithaca - On Old Toughannock by BoatYard Grill)

Steven Jacob Goldman
Apr 10, 2006

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MONKS LIVE AT THE NINES 2/3 - SEMESTER KICKOFF Hey all you crazy metalheads. The Armageddon Monks will be playing their first show of 2006 THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at THE NINES (in collegetown) at 10pm, $5 with

Steven Jacob Goldman
Feb 1, 2006

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monks @ Chi Phi tonight Hey, The Armageddon Monks are gonna be playing a 40 minute set at the CHI PHI benefit concert tonight @ 9:30pm. Theres gonna be a whole buncha other musical

Aamir Haroon Basheer
Nov 4, 2005

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Live on WVBR Hey everyone. The Monks will be doing a live broadcast tonight, a bit after midnight on WVBR (93.5FM Ithaca) - the "Last Exit for the Lost" show. There will be

Steven Jacob Goldman
Oct 22, 2005

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Album Release Show Friday! Hey, peoples. The Armageddon Monks are playing their ALBUM RELEASE SHOW this FRIDAY at the Nines in Collegetown. The album is entitles 'Cataclysm', and is the

Steven Jacob Goldman
Oct 19, 2005

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free show this tuesday Hey yall, The Armageddon Monks are playing a free show this coming Tuesday night at 10pm at RPCC on North Campus Cornell. Free food too, for all you hungering

Steven Jacob Goldman
Oct 1, 2005

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Monks live at Risley Theatre 9/10 Hey everyone. We're playing a free show tonight at the Theatre in Risley Hall (North Campus Cornell) at 8pm, as part of the Risley Performing Arts Festival. If

Sep 10, 2005
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