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SWFD Frequency Update

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  • Dan Rollman
    Dear Fellow Scanner Hobbyists,Scannerstuff, the maker of the Southwest Frequency Directory books, currently has the new 6th Edition of the SWFD book in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2000
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      Dear Fellow Scanner Hobbyists,

      Scannerstuff, the maker of the Southwest Frequency Directory books,
      currently has the new 6th Edition of the SWFD book in the works! In order
      to make this book the most accurate and comprehensive local scanner guide
      ever, we need your help! If you have information to provide that you don't
      see in the 5th Edition of SWFD, including frequencies, radio codes, area
      coverage info, unit designators, and TrunkTracker talkgroups, please email
      me within the next week with that information in order to have it included
      in the upcoming book. This new 6th Edition will likely be available in
      April, but we need to complete it soon in order to get it to the printer.
      MAJOR substantial contributors of new information are often entitled to
      discounted copies of the new books, and in rare cases, even a complimentary
      copy. Anyone who contributes useful information is entitled to have their
      name added to the list of contributors in the front of the book, with their

      As many of you may know, SWFD books are used by professionals on the ground
      as well as in local police, medical, and media helicopters. But most
      importantly, the books have become a valuable resource for us regular
      scanner hobbyists. We'd like to keep up the tradition of accuracy and

      Again, the deadline for new and updated scanner radio information is
      nearing, and the SWFD volunteer coordinators and I would like to get as
      much last minute info from our fellow scanner listeners as possible. You
      may reply back via email, fax information to (978) 383-8950, or snail mail
      to the address below. Thanks very much for your help! It is you the readers
      that have made the Southwest Frequency Directory line of scanner
      information resources as popular and reliable as they are.

      Dan Rollman
      SWFD, Editor

      Dan Rollman, Proprietor
      903 S. Rural Rd., #101-261
      Tempe, AZ 85281
      (888) 589-0496 VoiceMail
      (978) 383-8950 Fax

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