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Re: Programming Scanners

I have the same radio. I use ARC396 program. It is easy to use. When I lived in the valley I was able to use it for all the P=25 freqs. ARC396 is made by
Nov 17

Programming Scanners

I have an Uniden BCD 396XT and a Radioshack PRO-96. They are capable of receiving APCO-25. However I am at a loss trying to program them. If anyone will
Nov 16

Weekly FCC grants November 08-14

The weekly FCC grants and applications are ready: http://fccgrants.x10host.com/quick.htm The backup site is here: http://fccgrants.neocities.org/quick.htm And
Glenn Mitchell
Nov 15

Re: scanner recommendations?

Although I do have some issues,here and there ,I BOUGHT THE BCD536HP About a year ago,it's preloaded U.S. wide it picks up everything and stuff other scanners
Kenneth Howard
Nov 14

Re: scanner recommendations?

The Uniden x36 series, or the xP2 series, or the Home Patrols would all work. Several of Whistlers, and Radio Shacks equivalents, models will also work. Be
Nov 13

scanner recommendations?

Looking for scanner recommendations. I live in Anthem north of Phoenix. Interested in receiving Maricopa county (because we're east of I-17), Phoenix PD
Nov 10

Re: PHX PD on GRE PSR-500

You came to the right place. Your scanner can get these frequency's.. I too don't remember if it takes a FREE software upgrade or not. But my 500/600's and
Nov 9

Re: PHX PD on GRE PSR-500

They work just fine in my PSR500 and PSR600 as well as my RS equivalents. I don't know if older firmware versions affected this range so you may want to check
Rich Carlson
Nov 8

Weekly FCC grants November 01-07

I'm not going to do the frequency data for the mega-licenses such as Costco, Concentra and American Time & Signal. They just take too long to process. The
Glenn Mitchell
Nov 8

Re: PHX PD on GRE PSR-500

Thank you for the info. My GRECOM PSR-500 will NOT pick up that frequency set. Guess I'll just put it up for sale on ebay. Again Thank You ... On Sun,
Hiya Phoenix
Nov 8

Re: Attic Antenna Help needed

Call me, Rodney, 623-693-7394. I work 12 hour shifts, so I have a few days off a week.
Hiya Phoenix
Nov 8

Attic Antenna Help needed

I am looking for someone to install a few antennas in my attic out in the far west Valley (west of Surprise) this winter. This would include a couple discones,
Rich Carlson
Nov 7

Re: Luke AFB

There probably encripted. ... From: elephant101@... [ArizonaScanner] To: ArizonaScanner@yahoogroups.com Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2015 6:46 AM
Jeff Daugherty
Nov 6

Luke AFB

Thanks for the replies regarding Luke frequencies. I have those frequencies programmed in, but just not getting a signal. I'm at about 43rd Ave &
Nov 5

Re: PHX PD on GRE PSR-500

For Luke AFB, I have 410.1625, 409.5625, 409.3625, 408.9625 I think they rotate the Control Channel every day, right now they are on 408.9625 Alan From:
Nov 3
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