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Women Resist War and Occupation - Women In Black International Conference Statement

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    Women Resist War and Occupation Women In Black International Conference Statement Jerusalem, 12-16 August 2005 We, Palestinian, Israeli, and international
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      Women Resist War and Occupation
      Women In Black International Conference Statement
      Jerusalem , 12-16 August 2005
      We, Palestinian, Israeli, and international women gathered this week in Jerusalem for the “Women in Black 13th International Conference”:

      Affirm our commitment to work together as a world-wide network of women dedicated to freedom, equality, justice, peace, women’s rights and a world free of violence. Agree to meet again to continue our fight and to reaffirm our commitment to the work and goals of our network, in the next Women in Black International Conference to be held in the Spanish state.

      Insist on the participation of women as full partners in the prevention and resolution of conflicts, and in the negotiation and implementation of peace agreements according to UN Resolution 1325. The active and equal participation of women of diverse backgrounds in decision making is crucial to ensure that issues related to women’s economic, social, national, ethnic and cultural rights, freedom of choices and security are raised and effectively addressed.

      Demand social and economic justice and condemn the exploitative system and structure of multinational corporations’ globalization that drive millions of people all over the world into poverty, and thrive at the cost of social justice and human development.

      Work for a world where difference does not mean inequality, oppression or exclusion, and struggle against all causes of oppression and discrimination based on gender, race, sexual preference, age, national and ethnic identity, and religion.

      Challenge the militaristic policies of our governments, call for disarmament, and condemn the interference of the US and its allies in the political affairs of other sovereign nations.

      Commit ourselves to promote education and a language of truth and hope that reflect our right to justice, to remedy and to reparation, that are the basis for the creation of a world based on the values of equality, justice, cooperation, and solidarity.

      Condemn feminicide and all forms of violence, sexual, physical or psychological that women are subjected to in areas of conflict, in militarized zones and in their daily lives.

      Demand an immediate end to the war and United States occupation ofIraq and stand in solidarity with Iraqi women in their struggle for their legal and human rights

      Call for a just and sustainable peace between Israel and Palestine based on international law and human rights, to be achieved by

      · An end to the Israeli occupation

      · Immediate cessation of all actions against civilians, assassinations, closures, house demolitions, land confiscation, settlement building, building of the Apartheid Wall, water deprivation, denial of access to schools, hospitals and places of work and worship.

      · The immediate release of all political prisoners

      · Dismantlement of all Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967

      · Immediate final status negotiations leading to a viable sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel on the June 4th, 1967 borders. Peace and a resolution of the conflict will not be achieved by unilateral actions such as the disengagement.

      · The recognition of Jerusalem as two capitals for two states, and the immediate ending of all unilateral actions leading to the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem .

      · Israel’s recognition of responsibility for the plight of Palestinian refugees as a pre-requisite to finding a just and lasting resolution of the refugee question in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions

      · Recognition of the national and civil rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel

      Though not the same yardstick can be used for occupied and occupiers, we recognize the lack of security, fear, and emotional anxiety experienced by Palestinian and Israelis affected by the continuation of conflict and violence, and by being civilian victims to the conflict itself. Believe that international community intervention is critically needed to make sure Israel is held accountable for its actions in the occupied territories and to build a just peace between Israel and Palestine . We support the call upon the international community to impose non-violent and effective measures such as divestment and sanctions on Israel , for as long as Israel continues to violate international law, and continues the occupation and the oppression of the Palestinian people



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