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Re: [Archtop] Question for the Technically Inclined/ Just a guess........

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  • Dave 'Doc' Corio
    I suspect you re right about it being the amp. Problem I have right now is that the store that did the repairs is closed and in the process of moving. It s a
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          I suspect you're right about it being the amp. Problem I have right now is that the store that did the repairs is closed and in the process of moving. It's a fair distance away, so I can't just camp out there & hope to catch somebody.

          I think I was mostly looking for someone to back up my diagnosis. Going to see if I can borrow an amp of some kind & see if that narrows it down. Problem is, it sometimes doesn't happen for a few days!

      Thanks, all who responded!!


      On 2/1/2012 10:25 PM, Bernie A. wrote:  

      At first guess I believe it to be the amplifier.

      It is a good chance that a circuit or cap is opening up in the amplifier circuit after it gets a bit hot.  Now this
      is a pure guess, I would not ignore the switches on the axe either and see if one of those is not dropping out 
      the signal from a pick-up.  A switch could be opening up dropping one pick-up out of the picture and 
      turning the volume up compensates for loss of volume by pumping the remaining signal.  
      I would go to the luthier who did your switch repair and drop it in his lap if it appeared with the return
      of your guitar from his/her repair?  Trial and error sometimes gets pricey quick, like replacing the battery, the alternator etc. 
      until the car stays charged.  Don't spend to much time or money troubleshooting when a pro can probably 
      finger the problem pretty quickly.

      On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 6:37 PM, <dbklein@...> wrote:
      At 07:45 PM 2/1/2012, Doc wrote:
      >Having a bit of a problem with either my guitar (1967 Domino Silver
      >Hawk) or my amp (Peavey Bandit). Really need some help diagnosing
      >this, but it is very intermitant, and I can't duplicate it on command.
      >Playing along, and all of a sudden the audio level drops by about
      >half. I can compensate by turning the volume on the guitar up, but
      >then at some point later, the sound level comes back up - now it's
      >much too loud.
      >Working the guitar volume control back & forth I get no scratchiness
      >or cutting out, nor with the volume controls on the amp. I took the
      >tuner and foot pedal out of the circuit completely to eliminate
      >them, and also get no reaction working the guitar cables.
      >Given the nature of the problem, I'm inclined to think it's the amp,
      >as I would expect to get some strange reaction working the volume
      >control or cable from the guitar around. However, it's my only
      >guitar and only amp, and with gigs scheduled, can't afford to be
      >without either for too long.
      >Anyone have any idea how to isolate this a little better?
      >Thanks in advance

      Doc, if I were you I'd go back to the techie that changed the
      switches in that guitar for you. Call him up and ask what he thinks.


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