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28Years of Archie

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  • Paul
    Nov 30, 2009
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      I'm 31--I've been reading Archie Comics since I was ten. Some years have passed and much has changed, inlcuding Archie Comics.

      For instance, when I was a kid a double digest cost 2.50--amd now, a ridiculous 3.79, and the those double digest aren't even as thick as the old ones, and their full of re-run stories.
      So called 'Modern Times' are destroying the spirit of Archie Comics. But, that's to be expected because everything else that was once good is dying as well.

      I just bought a 1988 comic from E-Bay. It's sad when I have to go on E-Bay or Amazon in order to get the old comics because the new 'Modern' ones are horrible.

      Any thoughts on this?