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      << I am also frustrated by people who treat food history as just another
      adjunct to the literary arts. Has anyone every read 'The loaded Table' Emily
      Gowers. She manages to elervate many of the menu's and food descriptions from
      Roman literarture, from the mere practical to the higher plains of metaphor.
      And concludes that taking evidence of eating habits from these passages(
      Martial, Pliny, Horace, Plautus et al) is futile because they are entirely
      on a higher level. There is something in what she says but not to the extent
      that the food itself only exists to convey something else. The fact that it
      is there means its a viable meal to some extent, even Tramalchio's feast is
      potentially viable in my view.
      Any views out there

      I'd have to agree with you on this point: it is certainly true that not all
      our favorite food-passages are meant to be taken as recipes, or at least not
      CULINARY recipes ;) It is also true that the allegorical interpretations
      would be less effective if the recipe produced revulsion or even just a sense
      of oddness in the reader. Which is to say that even if they aren't intended
      to be genuine recipes, they have to be somewhat rooted in the author's (and
      hopefully the reader's) expectations of what food is like. Annon?

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