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  • lisa blair
    Where did you get the mortar? I had the mortaria made. I say Mortaria because it is a set. The top one is smaller and has holes... perfect strainer. Sized off
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2012
      Where did you get the mortar?

      I had the mortaria made. I say Mortaria because it is a set. The top one is smaller and has holes... perfect strainer. Sized off of one found on a dig... cannot remember where. I have had those for years. That is what started the whole Roman kitchen thing for me.


      What recipe are you using for the Panis Romanum?

      It is a recipe that I formulated eons ago after writing a research paper on Panis Romanum. the evolution of bread in Rome.... Very basic.. Sifted whole wheat, regular plain organic(non-enriched) flour, salt, water, and starter... the starter is salt, water, flour, and yeast I put on the day before I bake.

      Where did you get the spice cabinet and balance scales? BTW - I have one of
      those tagines!

      I bought two of these little cabinets years ago at a local import store. I have one for my Roman spices and one of my other Medieval spices. They came from a store called Hopkins Blvd. which has sense closed here in Mobile. The balance scale I ordered off of Amazon. They are the 100 gm size. I mounted them to the top of a wooden box.... Perfect for weighting out ingredients for recipes with exact measures... pretty accurate too!!

      I love my tagine... it goes everywhere with me... I also have the majmar, which is the clay charcoal pot.... Very handy of a one pot meal.

      Where did you get the brazier? Soul of the Warrior has one as well as chakki
      stone hand mills.

      My husband and a friend of ours who is a fabricator made this one. This is brazier number two for me. It is 1/4 steel.. welded. The rivets are there to make it look more authentic. It gets moved around quite a bit and would not hold up if it was not welded. I think the specs for these were on this site many years ago. The original is in the Naples museum. We added 6" to the legs... state park regulations, and of course, put the sheet metal in the bottom to make it portable. We will be installing a permanent one over a fire pit in the permanent kitchen at the Gulf Wars site sometime this year..... It weighs a ton!! I will still use this one for cooking demos. I'll be looking into a hand mill... I am missing that piece of equipment...

      In the pictures marked 'cheese making' and 'clay pots in the permanent kitchen',
      where do you get your pottery? I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for new sources of
      pottery and other assorted Roman style kitchen items.

      The small pot I am making the cheese in is called an olla. They came from a great site. The two darker lidded pots are pompeianware(sp)... I got them from a merchant at Gulf Wars.. and the small copper pot was brought to me by La Wren's nest after the Pompeii Demo we did at the museum here in Mobile. I will look for a site for the Pompeii pots.

      Site of the thick clay olla's: http://www.spanishtable.com/ They have awesome products. Very durable and they can truly stand the heat on the brazier... I have had them for many years.

      Gwenhwyvar verch Rhufon

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