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Administrativa: Welcome to the first subscribers!!!

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  • Courtois Julien
    Dear all, with the first subscribers (35 so far, only after less than 1 day of existence!) I felt the necessity to make a welcome message. Feel free to make
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 1999
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      Dear all,

      with the first subscribers (35 so far, only after less than 1 day of
      existence!) I felt the necessity to make a welcome message. Feel free to
      make your comment either to the list or privately

      A FAQ would be a nice addition to this list too. I'm working on it but
      don't expect to see anything before one or two weeks. Suggestions are

      Your nice listmaster,

      Julien Courtois

      PS: I know that my mother tongue is NOT English, so please forward me
      privately any grammatic/syntax/style mistakes.

      -------- Welcome message ---------

      Welcome to the Apicius-list. Please take a moment to review this
      message, and
      keep it preciously for future reference.

      To UNSUBSCRIBE from this list, go to the ONElist web site, at
      www.onelist.com, and select the User Center link from the menu bar
      on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription
      between digest and normal mode.

      To POST to the list, send your message to: Apicius@onelist.com

      To VIEW the ARCHIVES, point your browser to:

      Questions regarding Subscribing/unsubscribing difficulties must be
      directly sent
      to the listmaster (julien.courtois@...), and NOT to the list.

      This list is exclusively reserved for sharing experiences in Antique
      cookery. Relevant sujects are: Discussion on antique Roman/celt/greek
      recipes, ingredients finding or growing, antique beverages, historical
      background, special announcements on the suject (invition for an orgy
      ;-> ),

      I have enclosed a very good document known as the "Netiquette guide for
      lists" which should provide you a very good general introduction to the
      mailing-lists (Even for people with a lot of mailing-lists experience).

      This list is unmoderated, and I don't want to moderate it. To keep it
      please stay on the topic and refrain from sending "I agree" messages.
      postings within our discussion topic (for example: announcement of a
      closely related to ancient cooking (one single mention of Apicius is NOT
      enough!), ancient cooking artifacts, ...) are allowed, but should be
      kept to a
      minimum (for example a link to a WWW page). SPAMMERS will be immediately
      at eaternae, and a complaint will be posted to his/her postmaster. In
      case of
      doubt just send your message to the listmaster

      Enjoy the Apicius-list!

      Julien Courtois

      ---Netiquette guide for mailing lists---
      Some mailing lists have low rates of traffic, others can flood your
      mailbox with
      several hundred mail messages per day. Numerous incoming messages from
      listservers or mailing lists by multiple users, requires extensive
      processing which can tie up valuable resources. Subscription to Interest
      or Discussion Lists should be kept to a minimum and should not exceed
      what your
      disk quota can handle, or you for that matter.

      When you join a list, monitor the messages for a few days to get a feel
      for what
      common questions are asked, and what topics are deemed off-limits. This
      commonly referred to as lurking. When you feel comfortable with the
      group, then
      start posting.

      See if there is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for a group that you
      interested in joining. Veteran members get annoyed when they see the
      questions every few weeks, or at the start of each semester. [Julien
      here: for
      the moment there is no FAQ for the Apicius-list, but it is on my "todo"

      Follow any and all guidelines that the listowner has posted; the
      establishes the local "netiquette" standards for her/his list.

      Keep in mind that some discussion lists or Usenet groups have members
      from many
      countries. Don't assume that they will understand a reference to TV,
      movies, pop
      culture, or current events in your country. If you must use the
      please explain it. Don't assume that they understand geographical
      that are local or national.

      Don't join a list just to post inflammatory messages - this upsets most
      administrators and you could lose access to the net ("mail bombing").

      Keep your questions and comments relevant to the focus of the discussion

      If another person posts a comment or question that is off the subject,
      do NOT
      reply to the list and keep the off- subject conversation going publicly.

      When someone posts an off-subject note, and someone else criticizes that
      posting, you should NOT submit a gratuitous note saying "well, I liked
      it and
      lots of people probably did as well and you guys ought to lighten up and
      tell us to stick to the subject".

      When going away for more than a week, unsubscribe or suspend mail from
      mailing lists or LISTSERV services.

      If you can respond to someone else's question, do so through email.
      people answering the same question on a large list can fill your mailbox
      those of everyone else on the list) quickly.

      When quoting another person, edit out whatever isn't directly applicable
      to your
      reply. Don't let your mailing or Usenet software automatically quote the
      body of messages you are replying to when it's not necessary. Take the
      time to
      edit any quotations down to the minimum necessary to provide context for
      reply. Nobody likes reading a long message in quotes for the third or
      time, only to be followed by a one line response: "Yeah, me too."

      Use discretion when forwarding a long mail message to group addresses or
      distribution lists. It's preferable to reference the source of a
      document and
      provide instructions on how to obtain a copy. If you must post a long
      warn the readers with a statement at the top of the mail message.

      If you crosspost messages to multiple groups, include the name of the
      groups at
      the top of the mail message with an apology for any duplication.

      Resist the temptation to "flame" others on the list. Remember that these
      discussions are "public" and meant for constructive exchanges. Treat the
      on the list as you would want them to treat you.

      When posting a question to the discussion group, request that responses
      directed to you personally. Post a summary or answer to your question to

      When replying to a message posted to a discussion group, check the
      address to be
      certain it's going to the intended location (person or group). It can be
      embarrassing if they reply incorrectly and post a personal message to
      the entire
      discussion group that was intended for an individual.

      When signing up for a group it is important to save your subscription
      confirmation letter for reference. That way if you go on vacation you
      will have
      the subscription address for suspending mail.

      Use your own personal Email account, don't subscribe using a shared

      Occasionally subscribers to the list who are not familiar with proper
      will submit requests to SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE directly to the list
      itself. Be
      tolerant of this activity, and possibly provide some useful advice as
      opposed to
      being critical.

      Other people on the list are not interested in your desire to be added
      deleted. Any requests regarding administrative tasks such as being added
      removed from a list should be made to the appropriate area, not the list

      ---End of Netiquette guide for mailing-lists---
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