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(Off topic) The Centurions series

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  • caiusfabius
    I know some of us got our first idea of Roman cuisine, eating dormice and posca from The Centurions . This was posted on another site, but might also be well
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2006
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      I know some of us got our first idea of Roman cuisine, eating dormice
      and posca from "The Centurions". This was posted on another site, but
      might also be well enjoyed here.

      The Centurions Series.

      Did you know this series was published in Ballantine Books in the
      early 1980's?

      There were supposed to be FOUR books in the series. The first book,
      "The Centurions" is easily available in paperback. The second book, "
      The Barbarian Princess" came out in 1982, and is readily available.
      Then, someone at Ballantine changed the priorities and decided the
      series was not needed. They went ahead and barely printed "The
      Emperor's Games" which is really hard to find, and didn't bother with
      the fourth book at all!

      It would seem that Ballantine didn't have anyone who had balls,
      crystal balls, and could see the Roman interest of the current time.
      It also seems that they don't have anyone who goes back and looks at
      their catalog to see what could sell in today's market!

      Be that as it may, perhaps the Roman re-enactor and Roman History
      community can get a letter-writing project going, to get the series
      finished, and maybe even republished in hardback form! I know many
      would just settle for getting to read all four books! Since book
      number three is selling for almost $50.00 on Amazon, it probably would
      be worth republishing!

      So, what can you do? First, forward this to your friends! Second,
      sit down and write a letter to Ballantine. They probably will respond
      better to snail mail than they will to email, but either way, lets ask
      them to publish the final book in the series! If they do that and get
      good sales, they might get off their seats and actually re-release the
      whole series.

      If someone knows a better email address for these guys, please let us
      The author is willing to do the work. Are you?

      Address for contact:

      The Ballantine Publishing Group
      1540 Broadway
      New York, NY 10036

      Email look at the bottom of the page here

      or here

      Sample letter: (write your own, if they are all clones the powers
      that be won't give them as much weight.)

      With all of the interest in Ancient Rome, the TV series, the films,
      and the other currently successful novel series, why don't you
      republish the fantastic series "The Centurions" by Damion Hunter, or
      at least print the fourth book in the series for those of us who love
      this body of work?

      This is one of the best Roman History/Military/Romance series I have
      ever found, and copies of book #3 go for $50 on the open market. With
      the hundreds of Roman history buffs, and the great reviews these books
      received, why didn't you finish the series? Why didn't you re-release
      them when Gladiator was such a success? Why aren't they coming out
      while HBO's Rome is doing so well?
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