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PDF update - important news

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  • James Matterer <jlmatterer@godecookery.c
    Happy Holidays to all. I ve finally updated the PDF site for the latter half of December. The file is: Hungry Heroes in Medieval Literature by Susan E.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2002
      Happy Holidays to all.

      I've finally updated the PDF site for the latter half of December.
      The file is:

      Hungry Heroes in Medieval Literature by Susan E. Farrier.

      The URL is:


      I have some important news for those who have Streamload accounts.
      Streamload is drastically changing its service, and after Jan. 4 will
      no longer be offering the same free accounts as it has in the past.
      Here is what they have announced:

      "Freeloader Trial Account Limits:

      1. One month Freeloader limit. Freeloader accounts expire after one
      month. We hope that testing our service for at most one month provides
      sufficient time for you to become familiar with Streamload and the
      great service we offer. If you choose not to subscribe, all Freeloader
      files and account settings will be deleted one month after the
      original sign-up date, and the username will be available again for
      new people to use.

      2. One Freeloader trial account per person. Please only create one
      Freeloader account.

      3. 10 MB downloadable file-size limit. Freeloader trial accounts can
      only download files less than 10 MB. You may upload and store files of
      any size to test our system, but please note, you will need to
      purchase a Streamloader subscription to be able to download these

      4. 100 MB or 25 file download limit. Trial Freeloader accounts are
      limited to download 100 MB or 25 files (whichever comes first) during
      their one month trial, and no single file download can be greater than
      10 MB (see #3 above).

      5. Storage is not guaranteed. Freeloaders' files may be deleted at any
      time, and will be deleted when the trial account expires."

      What this means is that Streamload will no longer be the best way for
      us to share PDFs, and so I will no longer be offering them through
      Streamload. I will probably allow my free account to expire at the
      end of the one month limit.

      Those of you who have not yet downloaded any Streamload files you may
      have should do so as soon as you can; those of you who have not
      contacted me yet about obtaining files through Streamload should
      contact me ASAP!

      I don't expect anyone to have to pay for these files, and so will
      look for another way to share them with you. If anyone can offer
      suggestions, please do so.

      At one point, someone offered use of an FTP site; if that person is
      still willing to do so, would she please write to me?

      Happy New Year,
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