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Re: [Apicius] PLEASE - Someone give us a topic!!!!

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  • maiersoft@aol.com
    Message 1 of 40 , Jan 31, 2001
      << Fully togate? What about sources
      > for music? Wine? Very little seems to be out there on ancient wine tastes
      > or approximate modern equivalents (ruling out the lead additives, of
      > course). Others? >>

      What about Plinius' opium recipes? Did somebody try these out?


      (well, just a joke...)
    • Lori Tishgart
      Good call on the tree gender. I will have to make sure to get some of both. On another note, if you want to propagate another bay tree from the one existing
      Message 40 of 40 , Apr 4, 2011
        Good call on the tree gender. I will have to make sure to get some of both. On
        another note, if you want to propagate another bay tree from the one existing at
        your house, check first all over the ground below the tree. Oftentimes you will
        find very young trees already started around the roots of the larger tree.

        From: Heather Rose Jones <heather.jones@...>
        To: Apicius@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Mon, April 4, 2011 6:59:07 AM
        Subject: Re: [Apicius] Bay Tree

        On Apr 3, 2011, at 9:54 PM, Lori Tishgart wrote:

        > Ok, I admit my ignorance. I have more HUGE California Bay Laurels
        > Californica) around my house than I know what to do with! While they provide
        > lovely shade, their scent on warm days is wonderful! I keep looking for the
        > berries, but all that I see are very small white flowers (which are currently
        > falling off at this time). I use the leaves for cooking all of the time, but

        > they seem to be more pungent than the dried variety that I get at the grocery
        > store. Thank you Sally for pointing out that one gets the berries from the
        > laurus nobilis and not its California cousin. We call the laurus noblis "Sweet
        > Bay" here and it is plentiful. I will keep a look out and harvest the berries

        > as I see them (in Fall?). Does anybody know when the berries are ready to be

        > picked and dried? As for myself, I plan to put several Sweet Bay in the
        > this spring. Lori T.

        Adding to the anecdotal information ...

        I live in the SF Bay area and have an Italian Laurel tree that I planted about
        20 years ago. It's quite large now (I have to prune it to keep it from towering
        over my 2-storey house) and it flowers every year, but I've never seen any
        berries result from the flowering. My unresearched guess would be that either
        it isn't a self-pollinator and needs a second tree in the vicinity or that it
        needs pollination help from some insect not native to California.

        And, of course, having said that, I had to go do the research. At
        http://www.yourgardenshow.com/plants/7651-Laurus-nobilis it notes "Trees are
        dioecious (separate male and female trees). Flowers on female plants, if
        pollinated, are followed by single-seeded purple-black berries." So absent
        another tree of the right gender expression, I never would get berries.

        I'm currently trying to see if I can successfully pot a root-sucker from the
        tree as I'm in the process of selling my house and would like to propagate that
        particular tree for sentimental reasons if possible.

        Heather Jones

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