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  • wimb3612
    Jul 14, 2014


           I have been struggling with Sponduli for quite some time. It appears in Diocletian's price edict as Sponduli marini ( list 5.10), which is translated as mussels  by both Graser into English and Giacchero into Italian. That doesn't make much sense , as there are better and more commonly used  Latin words for mussels, but otherwise the absence of mussels from the edict seems weird. I have a suspicion the translations are wrong, as  lots of  other relatively well known Roman seafood, such as shrimp, eel and individually identified fish species also don't make it into the edict.

      The word Sponduli then appears four lines later in the edict   near the start of the vegetables (list 6.2), translated by bothGraser and Giacchero as hearts of artichoke. Even the Romans got mixed up about their sponduli, as one of the fragments that has survived, at Sandikli in modern Turkey skips the 3 lines in between the two sponduli entries and goes straight from the  seafood sponduli to the entry after the vegetable sponduli, missing  the  products in between ( Cheese, sardines, large artichokes and the second sponduli entry) so someone, either the carver or the writer of the document the carver was working from got his Sponduli mixed up.

      Can anyone help  enlighten me as to how the seafood sponduli should be translated in the edict?





      howard posner

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