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5482Re: [Apicius] Even the poor eat... giraffes?

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  • Correus
    Jan 5, 2014
      I think Justin's on to something....

      First thing I thought of was the location being next to the theater district.  No offense intended towards anyone but, just as it is today, who tends to go to the theater more than other activities such as the "games" - the intellectuals and the more financially well off.

      That being said - it would make sense that the local eateries around the theater district would cater to a more upscale taste.

      I also remember reading in a couple of books, one being 'Those About to Die' be Daniel P. Mannix, that the carcases of animals could be sold as food.  The Porta-Stabis would not be difficult to access from the amphitheater - you just follow the road that skirts the city wall.

      Just a thought.


      From: Justin Mansfield <iustinus@...>
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      Good point.

      In fact, today I actually got to see Prof. Ellis's presentation on these findings. An audience member pointed out that the restaurant would be well-located for, e.g. theater-goers to stop by after a show, and of course Romans often sent out slaves to make purchases for them, so we need not assume the patrons were actually from the neighborhood.

      On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 12:42 AM, Susan Weingarten <weingarten.susan@...> wrote:
      This report is fascinating. However, i am not so sure about the conclusions of the archaeologists as reported here. Does the giraffe bone really attest to a trade in exotic animals for meat? This seems somewhat unlikely. My colleague Joan Alcock (author of Food in Roman Britain)  has suggested that the  exotic animals imported for fights in the amphitheatre were sold off as meat for Roman sausages after they were killed. So a trade in exotic animals, yes. But for their meat? Only at one remove. 
      Susan Weingarten

      Dr Susan Weingarten

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