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5319OT - Ferb Help Needed

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  • Correus
    Feb 22, 2013
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      I could really use some culinary help....

      Not too long ago the mother-n-law bought a rather unusual spice blend.  It comes from a company called "Borgode' Medici" and is called 'Tuscan Spices'.  Now, I've used various Tuscan spice blends, but not like this; all that's in it is Tarragon and CalaminthaNepeha.

      Has anyone else used this blend before?  Any thoughts on recipes that use this?

      I did find the company that makes it, but it's not listed on their site, or in their catalog, from what I can see.  I also just tried Googleing the herb blends but nothing came of but herb lists.

      Thanks for the help!


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