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5307Re: [Apicius] West Coast Culinary Symposium 2012

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    Dec 29, 2012
      long long ago, Donna Green-Tye wrote:
      > ...Some people in the historical group I participate in (The Society for Creative
      > Anachronism aka SCA) will be hosting a Culinary Symposium next year. It will be
      > the weekend of February 11 and 12 at Camp Bothin in Marin County just across the
      > Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

      Unsigned inquired:
      > Any chance of a repeat in 2013?

      Yes, there will be another one in 2013. It will be in Oregon, not far from Portland, from March 29 to 31.

      Here's the link:

      A number of classes are listed, but there will probably be some added between now and mid-March.

      in the SCA: Urtatim (that's oor-tah-TEEM)
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