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5237Re: Mock Dormice and other experiments

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  • Lisa Blair
    Jul 11, 2012

      What I usually do with Moretum is a "cheater version" for large demos and Renn Faires where my kitchen is set up. Instead of using Monchego cheese for the Virgil's Moretum, I use feta and cream cheese. This way I am still holding somewhat true to the "hard by taking up the salt" since the feta is brined. You can also use either Romano or Parmesan. I do find the feta version to be a bit more palatable and affordable. I know it is not correct, but it does give people the oppertunity to try a Roman digestive. Children really love it!


      I need to make a Mortum (cheese spread) for this event and another. The
      > larger gather is an SCA Equestrian event that might explode to a very large
      > attendance so I need to extend expensive cheeses with lesser ones like
      > ricotta and such. For that one I am running a tavern/food booth (more like an 8
      > by 8 shed)

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