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5233Mock Dormice and other experiments

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  • asseri@aol.com
    Jul 2 3:20 PM
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      Hello everyone,

      I have a recipes test tomorrow and I thought I would look for some impute
      on what I am doing. Later this month I am cooking a dinner for 15 to 30
      people as a birthday gift to myself. I have an idea to make mock stuffed
      dormice using de-boned chicken thighs. A simple ground pork stuffing with pine
      nuts and ground pepper. Using cooks twine to bind it and maybe steam
      vegetable strips for tails. BUT wait there is more!

      I need to make a Mortum (cheese spread) for this event and another. The
      larger gather is an SCA Equestrian event that might explode to a very large
      attendance so I need to extend expensive cheeses with lesser ones like
      ricotta and such. For that one I am running a tavern/food booth (more like an 8
      by 8 shed)
      It will be a huge challenge. There is a part of me that does not want to
      make walking taco's and hot dog's. BUT I will most likely bend on that issue
      as I make the menu and the budget too. ( between $ 250-300 )

      I will make olive spread/chopped herbed olives as well just to see how
      well it does. And test "Cheese sauce for lettuce."

      This being said I keep getting bogged down. I realized I offered to cook
      for 3 activities over the course of 60 days and one of them is 2nd week of
      Pennsic War only one or two meals for 11 . Mostly I need fresh
      perspectives and ideas. I chose Roman theme because its hot and its summer and it
      just seems a good time to explore.

      Janet in Indiana .

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