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  • Saerlaith
    May 23, 2011
      I'm a Latin teacher (as well as Classics-lover) and I've got a set of recipes we use for a "Roman cuisine" project at the end of the school year. (It started out from having a Latin newsletter when I was working with 6th graders, each month they reviewed 3 recipes, along with stories of what we'd been doing in class. We "saved" the recipes that tasted good to them.) This is the kid-tested and kid-approved menu:

      Olivarum conditurae
      Mel et caseum

      Prima Mensa:
      Pullum frontonarium
      Aliter pisam sive fabam
      Caroetae frictae

      Secunda Mensa:
      Dulcia domestica

      Now, as an adult, I'm more than happy with the flavors presented in many of the other recipes available to us, but I can attest that at least seven years-worth of pre-to-teen teenagers have found themselves surprised by how much they liked this menu! (The older teens are actually the most negative and then the most ready for more.)

      Personally, I regularly make the moretum and the olivarum conditurae for parties. It's always a hit! I have experimented with the moretum, too, since there were many varieties. I've tried it with feta, with peccorino romano, with local sheep cheese, and I even once tried it with roasted garlic. All were excellent.

      --- In Apicius@yahoogroups.com, "qa9999aq" <qa9999aq@...> wrote:
      > If someone approached you and said they were interested in cooking by Apicius, what recipe would you recommend they start with? What is, in your opinion, an easy starting place?
      > And what is your favorite recipe? Which one would you make weekly if you could?
      > Thanks for your thoughts.
      > Pattie
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