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5093RE: [Apicius] Your fav/go to recipe

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  • Lucia Clark
    May 5, 2011
      I do make almost weekly the custard, which is the only one with exact
      quantities: 3 eggs, 1 pint of milk, 3 big spoons of honey. Mix, put in an
      oiled pan, drizzle honey on top, and bake it in bigger pan full of water
      until the custard is firm. Then I like the sausages braised in wine with
      pine nuts and big fava beans, and the fish poached in leeks and oil and
      covered with beaten eggs and marjoram and baked just enough for the eggs to
      firm up. And then of course the lentil soup with chestnuts, and the pork
      rolled on bread dough and baked...

      Oh well


      The panem depsticium too


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      Subject: [Apicius] Your fav/go to recipe

      If someone approached you and said they were interested in cooking by
      Apicius, what recipe would you recommend they start with? What is, in your
      opinion, an easy starting place?

      And what is your favorite recipe? Which one would you make weekly if you

      Thanks for your thoughts.

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