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4994Re: Isicia Omentata and Other Items (was Caroenum)

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  • lisa blair
    Apr 1, 2011
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      I have made Caroemun in large batches and frozen it in ice trays. Just put them in ziplock after they freeze to keep them from absorbing freezer odors.

      Kept in an airtight container out of light, Juniper berries should keep for several year. I rotate out all of my spices about every two years.

      I use meat with a high fat content for Omentata and cook them slowly in their own fat in a slow roaster.


      Correus wrote:

      Ave Everyone!

      Per Lucia - "Concentrate grape juice?"

      I thought about using this - straight from the container. I wonder if it would be too sweet.

      Per Lori T. - "I make a larger batch and then freeze it in small amounts in Ziplocs for later use. What dish are you making?"

      I have done this in the past but haven't done it with Roman ingredients like this. When Sally's book 'Cooking Apicius' first came out I made batches of Adapted fish sauce, Defrutum and Caroenum. I've never been sure how long the stuff lasts in the fridge so I threw it out and never really replaced it.

      Also - passum.... Does anyone else out there use Manischewitz?

      The recipe I'm looking at is Isicia omentata. In this recipe several sources say to add about 2 Tbs of Caroenum to the meat, however, Sally G., as well as Giacosa, say to cook the meat IN the Caroenum.

      Now for another question in regard to this recipe - Omentum a.k.a Caul Fat. How many of you use this or do you substitute it for something else? Flower & Rosenbaum suggest tinfoil or grease-proof paper, something to keep the juices in. Seems to me the caul fat would add an extra layer of flavor.

      One last thing - Myrtle berries / Juniper berries. I need to find mine, there around here somewhere. Anyone have any idea of the shelf life for these? What would be a good substitute for them?

      Vale -

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