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  • jdm314@aol.com
    Nov 15, 2009
      Well, FYI, here's my own translation:

      ΣΤΑΙΤΙΤΑΣ πλακοῦς ποιὸς ἐκ σταιτὸς καὶ μέλιτος. μνημονεύει Ἐπίχαρμος ἐν Ἥβας Γάμῳ: σταῖς δ’ ἐστὶν ὑγρὸν εἰς τήγανον ὑποχεόμενον, μέλιτος ἐπιβαλλομένου καὶ σησάμης καὶ τυροῦ, ὡς Ἰατροκλῆς φησίν.
      Staetites: a sort of cake out of emmer-dough and honey. Epicharmos mentions it in The Marriage of Hebe: moist emmer-dough is poured into the frying pan, honey and sesame and cheese being added, as Iatrocles says.

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      Delightful. Now that finally my sour dough is behaving, I do it too. No

      honey and no feta, I use a sort of sheep or cow farmer cheese. I have the

      Gant book. My only objection is that he uses rosemary.



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      My uncle sent me the following link:

      Staititai or Ancient Roman pizza





      It is a blogger's attempt at Mark Grant's redaction of staetites. Grant of

      course believes it was pizza-like, rather than pancake-like (he has ben

      strangely belligerent about the teganites as well).

      The blogger really wanted to do this authentically, so I wish I could have

      warned him to use emmer instead of spelt!


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