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4568Re: [Apicius] Apicius 6.8.1

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  • jdm314@aol.com
    Dec 7, 2008
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      Asofoetida is Latin for "putrid garlic" . :) 
      Just to be clear, "Asafoetida" or "Assa foetida" is not a Roman term, but a Neo-Latin one. Foetida does indeed mean "putrid," but what "assa" means is not entirely clear. Sally Grainger prefers the theory that it's a corruption of "lasar", another name for silphium, but another theory associates it with a Persian word for resin.

      That is the name of the spice though,
      The common English name for it is allegedly "Devil's Dung," but I have pretty much never heard that outside the phrase "its common name is 'Devil's Dung.'" Note that the common name in many other languages (possibly more "common" than the English equivalent) actually does translate to "devil's dung."

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      Asofoetida is Latin for "putrid garlic" . :) That is the name of the

      spice though, I've bought it at a grocery co-op in Minneapolis. There is

      nothing else like it. It's almost garlic, but not quite fennel and quite

      pungent. The cat who inspects everything ran away from it.

      You should be able to order some from an online resource. It's still

      used in Indian cuisine today.


      Castus Valerius wrote:

      > Hi All,


      > I recently bought a copy of "Cooking Apicius" and am making one of=2

      > recipies out of it for a cooking competition where the required

      > ingredient is Asafoetida.

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