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  • Jim Van Kollenburg
    Dec 7, 2008
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      --- In Apicius@yahoogroups.com, Samia al-Kaslaania <samia@...> wrote:
      > Asofoetida is Latin for "putrid garlic" . :) That is the name of the
      > spice though, I've bought it at a grocery co-op in Minneapolis.
      There is
      > nothing else like it. It's almost garlic, but not quite fennel and
      > pungent. The cat who inspects everything ran away from it.
      > You should be able to order some from an online resource. It's still
      > used in Indian cuisine today.

      It is easily available at any Indian grocery, if you live in a big
      city. The product may be labelled as "Hing." Sometimes the owners of
      these stores get confused when you ask for asafoetida. This product
      is usually cut with a variety of substances like wheat flour or even
      gum mastic.

      The Indians treasure it as an onion substitute (onions forbidden to
      strict Hindus)but also for its medicinal effect of helping with
      digestion and flatulence. Strangely enough, asafoetida must be fried
      in oil before eating or it causes diarrhea.

      You can buy pure asafoetida resin here:


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