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  • Castus Valerius
    Dec 6, 2008
      Hi All,

      I recently bought a copy of "Cooking Apicius" and am making one of the
      recipies out of it for a cooking competition where the required
      ingredient is Asafoetida.

      I have the original latin text but I require a translation. Silly me it
      was sitting right in front of my face when I was copying the latin, but
      I didn't write down the english version.

      Does anybody have a translation of the latin? Unfortunately there
      wasn't one included in the book I purchased. I might be able to
      decipher it but of course... I waited to the last minute to do my
      paperwork portion. :(

      If you can help, awesome... I appreciate it. If not, thanks for taking
      the time to read this anyway. :)

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