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4455Re: [Apicius] logical substitutions??

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  • Tuxedo Moon
    Jul 1, 2008
      I tried gourd and zucchini - the results were OK with the gourd.

      Indeed the origin of the pumpkin is the Americas - but the gourd comes
      from Africa.


      asseri@... wrote:
      > Salvete all you good cooks and scholars,
      > I want to make a gift to two couples in my little Roman group of a
      > pamphlet =
      > "A Roman feast for two ." I am and have been rereading everything I
      > own to
      > get settled in to the proper mindset. I am looking for logical
      > substitutions
      > for ingredients that are not very common.
      > I know they (my friends) would never use brains in any recipe but I
      > got that
      > figured out. But what about some of the Herbs? What do you use or do
      > you just
      > omit it?
      > I have been dragging my copy of Vehling (because if it gets damaged I
      > don't
      > care) back and forth to my commute to work. I am a little confused about
      > "Pumpkin" i know its not what I would refer to big fat and orange. I
      > know some are
      > cucumbers but what else can I experiment with. What have you used?
      > I just got started on this project and I have to narrow down the recipes
      > which I have not done yet . But any and all insight is welcome.
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