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4451Re: [Apicius] logical substitutions??

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  • Lilinah
    Jul 2, 2008
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      Iasmin wrote:
      >That having been said, I do use it in my personal cooking for recipe
      >testing, so I can get a decent idea of the taste. My personal opinion
      >is that the leaves of radishes works the best. They give the herbally
      >green taste and the bitterness you're seeking. Rosemary or even celery
      >(which people have suggested in the past) don't even come close to
      >matching the taste of rue like radish greens do. Just remember to wash
      >them carefully. I personally think of it as a bonus. Most people toss
      >their radish greens without using them. This is the perfect way to use

      Interesting, i'll have to give this a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

      OOP: When i was living in France, i STR learning to pan cook radish
      leaves as a green vegetable. Also, sauteing sliced radishes briefly
      in butter. Not relevant to ancient Roman cooking, but just to add to
      one's general cooking repertoire.

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