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4447Re: [Apicius] logical substitutions??

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  • Lilinah
    Jul 1, 2008
      I wrote:
      >3. Malabathron/Malabathrum:
      >This is a leaf from a Indian tree more often called today "tejpat".
      >I went to the local South Asian markets and found a bag of leaves
      >labeled "tejpat", but i could see that they were bay leaves. I asked
      >the proprietor and he said that is what they use as a substitute, at
      >least here in California. So i have used bay leaves, but would love
      >to taste actual tejpat.

      Sorry, i forgot to include this link to a helpful page about tejpat:

      I am a HUGE FAN of this website, which has amazing info - and color
      photos - of all sorts of herbs and spices.

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