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4437Food on sticks, reredux

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  • jdm314
    Apr 12, 2008
      Over the course of our discussion of the "food on a stick" wall painting (first two items at http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/Apicius/photos/browse/1904 ), Coivinix noster made
      the following remarks (in two separate postings):

      > ... One was Patrick Faas' AROUND THE ROMAN TABLE. Imagine my
      > surprise when I came across the illustration (only a drawing of the original,
      > sadly) on page 255 of a graffito from the Casa della Testa Maiale which
      > shows...well, food on sticks. One has three gently curving oblong affairs which
      > it doesn't take much imagination to see as sausages or involtini of some sort;
      > the other shows a stick with something either spiraling around it (like some
      > forms of campfire bread) or a long, thin "something" pierced numerous times
      > along one axis for broiling. Or (medicine and food being related: just ask
      > Lucia [Dentice] Clark...), it could be a caduceus, I suppose.

      > And, frankly, these
      > meaty bits would work very well as "FOOD ON STICKS" about which we
      > talked so much some time ago.

      Looks like Jacques André agrees with Kevin's analyses. In his _l'Alimentation et la cuisine a
      Rome_ (1961), Planche II, he captions that image "TĂȘte de porc, caphelet d'oiseaux,
      saucisses, brochette d'_ofelllae_"

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