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  • sallygrain@aol.com
    Mar 11, 2008
      Hi all

      Here is a bit of blatant self adverstising.  Below is the details of a workshop I am running at Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire.  I realise so many of you are not in the UK and it will be frustrating  but there are also many of you in the UK and I hope I can entice you to come.  While there is so much interest out there for Roman food when we ran this couse last year 2 people booked and we had to cancell so make it happen this year for me!  It aso runs on the 7th June.  Butser is basically a bit out of the way.  You make your way to Petersfield on the Portsmouth line from Waterloo and get a taxi sadly. Though we might be able to pick up a group of you if you meet up in advance and get the same train.

      Butser Ancient Farm
      Site Directed by Butser Archaeological Centre Ltd

      Sat 10th May

      Roman Cooking
      Sally Grainger

      Spend the day with the Roman food historian and cook Sally Grainger and her husband fellow Roman specialist Dr Chris Grocock. The day includes lecture and presentation on the nature of Roman - Italian food and the wider social aspect of Romano - British dining practices where we can detect differences; watch and participate in the preparation and presentation of a Roman feast in the villa kitchen, which will be shared by all participants. Plenty of opportunity for lively discussion and debate. Participants may if they wish dress for dinner and experiment with reclining to eat.

      Cost : £50.00

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