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  • Lucia Clark
    Dec 2 2:10 PM
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      Very funny. But the pain and humiliation of countless people has
      remained with me, even if I was the only one of my family who did not
      live through it. And today Italy's "centro-destra"was mobilized
      nation-wide. We never learn, do we.
      So, for my Saturnalia party next week, I think I am making for sure
      sausages in fava beans, tripe in white sauce, herbed mayonnaise over
      cold meats, beside some pedestrian things like maccheroni. And
      Panettone, of course

      At 04:46 PM 12/2/2006, you wrote:

      >Scripsit Lucia:
      > > Oh yes, this is a bit OT, but I grew up with
      > > stories of olio di ricino, by the quart, forced
      > > on dissidents. The film Amarcord as a clip of it.
      > > So, about Garum.....
      >Hey, I like garum as much as the next guy, but I think it is inhumane
      >to make dissidents drink it by the quart ;)
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