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3314Re: Every Day Use of Roman Recipes

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  • Aurelia Coritana
    Jul 2, 2006
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      Well, I'll just say "not nearly as much as I'd like." I admire your
      integration thus far, and I'd like to follow your example. Most of
      the time, though, I just take the easy way out and make some sort of
      BBQ chicken. ;-)


      --- In Apicius@yahoogroups.com, Correus <correus@...> wrote:
      > Ave!
      > I think I have asked this question once before, but thought I
      would throw it out there again.
      > How often do you incorporate a Roman recipe into your daily
      > I usually work about 2 or 3 recipes into the evening meal. I
      also have a 'typical' Roman breakfast 90% of the time. I also have
      a full Roman meal AT LEAST once a month for the evening meal.
      > Also, how often do you invent new Roman dishes using the
      knowledge you have gained from studying Roman food/cooking and this
      group list?
      > For example, I made a quick lunch the other day out of fried
      sausages and apples using only 'Roman' herbs, spices and olive oil.
      > One last note. For those Americans on the list - have a happy
      4th of July. For the rest of you - may Apicius be with you this
      > Correus
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