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3092Re: Lovage, lovage, who's got the lovage?

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  • Chris Stewart
    May 1 6:30 PM
      Here in Georgia (US), I haven't been able to find it at any farmer's
      market or nursery. But believe it or not, I did find it on Ebay. See
      item #7762928898 Probably order some next week for my wife's Roman
      herb garden that she's trying to start.

      So far we have just a few common herbs...rosemary,thyme,mint,a couple
      of varieties of basil, lavender, sage, ..some others that I can't
      think of right now.

      Chris S.
      Legio XI CPF
      Atlanta GA

      --- In Apicius@yahoogroups.com, Aurelia Rufinia <aureliarufinia@...>
      > Lets talk lovage. I made the mushrooms stems (Apcius
      > 3-something) this weekend, and while it was tasty, I
      > did not have any lovage. Giacosa and Faas both seem
      > to imply that celery tops are a reasonable substitute
      > for lovage, but I hate buying a whole package of
      > celery just to use some of the tops (I hate celery and
      > don't eat it, given a choice). So I used parsely as
      > my stunt stand in for the celery that would have
      > substitutued for lovage.
      > Which just seems a tiny bit silly.
      > Haven't been able to find lovage- cooking gurus in the
      > area say the best way to get lovage is to order seeds
      > and grow it yourself (whihc is not so much an option
      > for me right now).
      > So what do you suggest?
      > Aurelia
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