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3091Re: [Apicius] Lovage, lovage, who's got the lovage?

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  • Cheri
    Apr 28, 2006
      If you hate celery, you'll hate loveage. It's a MUCH stronger celery taste. If you do grow it, it does well with seeds. Be aware, it grows over 8 feet tall in a clump and it will come back year after year. Choose your site well, it will be there, in it's tall magnificents a long time!

      Aurelia Rufinia <aureliarufinia@...> wrote:

      Lets talk lovage. I made the mushrooms stems (Apcius
      3-something) this weekend, and while it was tasty, I
      did not have any lovage. Giacosa and Faas both seem
      to imply that celery tops are a reasonable substitute
      for lovage, but I hate buying a whole package of
      celery just to use some of the tops (I hate celery and
      don't eat it, given a choice). So I used parsely as
      my stunt stand in for the celery that would have
      substitutued for lovage.

      Which just seems a tiny bit silly.

      Haven't been able to find lovage- cooking gurus in the
      area say the best way to get lovage is to order seeds
      and grow it yourself (whihc is not so much an option
      for me right now).

      So what do you suggest?


      Baroness Aurelia Rufinia
      Barony of Carolingia,
      East Kingdom, Northshield Ex-Pat

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