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2888Re: Lupins

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  • Weingarten
    Jan 1, 2006
      Lupines appear many times in the Talmudic literature - nothing is more
      bitter, they say, and they have to be soaked seven times before they can be
      eaten. They seem to have been cooked in a pot with groats or eaten with the
      nibbles after a meal with nuts and dates although they were not considered
      as good as these.
      Re faseoli. It is interesting that we have been discussing whether the
      Romans could have confused these with lupines. There is a Talmudic
      discussion (Mishnah Kilayim i, 3) where the rabbis ask if turmusin
      (lupines, from Gk thermos) are the same species as 'phloslos,' and they
      decide that they are not different enough to be considered 'different
      species,' just as onions and wild onions or garlic and wild garlic are not
      'different species.' (the point being that 'different species' [kilayim] are
      not to be sown together by biblical law). The dictionaries gave up on
      phloslos (or p'loslos as they call it) but this discussion made me realise
      they must be faseolus/ phasiolus. Thank you!

      Susan Weingarten