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2691Garlic Chicken (was Re: Recipes)

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  • Correus
    Oct 2 10:56 AM
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      Speaking of garlic. Am I going crazy, or didn't
      this list discuss a recipe a while back about
      "chicken with 40 cloves of garlic"? I can't seem
      to find the thread. Does anyone remmber this and
      was it also a Roman recipe?

      I ask because I recently found a clay-pot cooker
      recipe called "chicken with 40 cloves of garlic".


      --- Martijn Bink <martijn@...> wrote:

      > At 20:37 30-9-2005, you wrote:
      > >*This message was transferred with a trial
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      > >True. The Moretum in Virgil has four heads
      > (yes,
      > >heads, not cloves) of garlic. When I make it,
      > I use
      > >roughly one head (smallish) to a pound of
      > cheese.
      > It is good to keep in mind that the Romans may
      > have used fresh garlic, wich
      > is less pungent than the dried variety. Even
      > though the moretum tastes best
      > when made with a moderate amount of garlic.
      > Martijn

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