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2212Re: [Apicius] Rue or Borage?

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  • Heather Rose Jones
    Jun 1, 2004
      At 4:38 AM +0000 6/1/04, gkbagne wrote:
      > >From Lepella, to All Salvete!
      > I've got a nice herb garden growing this year, but I've run into a
      >snag. A windstorm came through and blew away all my tags. Now I
      >have a mystery herb and I can't remember if the bed is borage or
      >rue. I've never cooked with either before so I'm hoping someone
      >here can identify it from my desription. The leaves are broad and
      >fuzzy with no apparent stalks and they taste distinctly of melon.

      That would definitely be borage. Rue has small glossy leaves --
      never tasted it, but I believe it's one of the traditional "bitter

      Heather Rose Jones
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